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Long before he directed The Iron Giant, The Incredibles and Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol, Brad Bird teamed up with Star Wars producer Gary Kurtz and created this amazing pencil-test trailer for The Spirit.

Based on the famous comic book by Will Eisner, sadly, the film was never created! But it does look better than the 2008 adaptation by Frank Miller.

The trailer was archived and has not seen the light of day until now.

The Space Jam producer uploaded the video to YouTube and offered this information about the video.

“In 2008 as Frank Miller’s live action feature film based on Will Eisner’s The Spirit was being released I wrote a piece for the Los Angeles Times on the time, back in 1980, when I became involved with Brad Bird and Gary Kurtz (producer of the first two Star Wars movies) in trying to get into production an animated feature based on The Spirit.
I spoke of a pencil test “trailer” for the our proposed film that was made by Bird along with several classmates from Cal Arts, most of whom were working at Disney at the time. Quite a few people who read the article contacted me about seeing the film.
I did have it on an old VHS, but it was deep in storage at the time plus as I did not really own the film, I told them they would have to look elsewhere to find a copy. Later, I found the VHS and put it aside."

Now the video has been uploaded it's been a hit with fans. Oh, what could have been!

Check the video out below!

source: GeekyTyrant


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