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Elena will be leaving Mystic Falls for good in just five short episodes leaving the Delena fandom in turmoil about the pair's future together.

Although the sneak peek from the next episode ('Because') below doesn't let us know anything about what will happen to the star-crossed lovers, it does give us an insight into the life they would want to live in an ideal world.

Check out the romantic, whimsical sneak peek for yourself in the clip below:

While this is all just a daydream, it has been speculated that both Elena and Damon might become human and then this wishful thinking could become a reality.

Personally, I don't think this will happen though. The show needs Damon to stay as his charming vampiric self for Season 7 to have any chance of survival.

While I understand the want for Delena to have their perfect love, I think a poignant tragedy is the only way to put this iconic couple to bed in true Vampire Diaries style.

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