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There may be a contest going on between X-Men: Apocalypse and Captain America: Civil War to see which movie can fit in the most number of superheroes into one movie. I've lost count a while ago but I have a good feeling that X-Men Apocalypse may take the crown when all is said and done. After the recent confirmation of Angel playing a much anticipated role in the proceedings, Brian Singer also revealed that Olivia Munn will be joining the cast as Psylocke and Lucas Till’s Havok, from X-Men: First Class, would also be appearing.

Psylocke & The Horsemen of the Apocalypse

Much like the X-Men character of Angel, Psylocke has a strong connection to the source material storyline of Marvel's "Age of Apocalypse". Perhaps more pertinent to the X-Men Apocalypse movie is her connection to the character of Angel and his darker incarnation, Archangel. Both characters were members of the Horsemen of the Apocalypse and her psychic abilities played a big role in Warren Worthington III being able to gain control over his Archangel alter-ego.

Psylocke set to debut in X-Men Apocalypse.
Psylocke set to debut in X-Men Apocalypse.

But much of Psylocke's long backstory is pretty messy stuff - with "Age of Apocalypse" and the "Days of Future Past" seeing different incarnations of her character - so we'll see which route Bryan Singer and the X-Men Apocalypse movie decides to go with this character. Since her powers can often resemble that of Jean Grey's - who will also be appearing in Apocalypse - it'll be interesting if some psychic battles will ensue. My guess is that's a pretty solid bet.

The Future of the X-Men Universe

Perhaps the biggest X-Men Apocalypse news was the resent chat IGN had with X-Men and Fox's Mutant overlord Simon Kinberg when they were able to catch up with him at the Star Wars Celebration. He answered some questions about the future plans for X-Men Apocalypse and what is in store for next year - with Deadpool and Gambit making 2016 the big year for Fox's Marvel movies.

Simon Kinberg made it clear that Fox is leading up to a shared universe for their big stable of Marvel mutant characters and that X-Men Apocalypse will definitely inform the wold of Deadpool and Gambit. He of course steers clear of actually explaining how the events of 1982 in X-Men Apocalypse will directly tie into the presumably modern worlds of Deadpool and Gambit - but there have been multiple sources telling the Hollywood Reporter that Channing Tatum's character will get his debut in Apocalypse.

Wolverine & Retconning the X-Men Universe

The other question that Simon Kinberg deftly dodged was whether or not X-Men Apocalypse would be following up with Wolverine at all or if the "happy ending" of Wolverine safely returning to a repaired world at the end of X-Men Days of Future Past was that character's farewell in this series of X-Men movies. My Spidey-senses are telling me it was his coda for these movies but who knows what could end up happening by the time all this is over. The cast seems pretty full as it is though.

What is clear though is that Kinberg and Singer are currently rewriting the X-Men universe for a new future and essentially erasing the stories that were told in the original trilogy. It makes you wonder, if Bryan Singer was able to have control over X-Men: The Last Stand would we even be seeing this new trilogy? I love X-Men 2, but if it took the horrible X-Men: The Last Stand to make this amazing new trilogy happen with Bryan Singer, and for it to completely retcon the universe, then so be it.

Nightcrawler gets retconned in X-Men Apocalypse.
Nightcrawler gets retconned in X-Men Apocalypse.

One of the characters from that first series, Nightcrawler, is also returning to the screen in X-Men Apocalypse. He'll be played by young actor Kodi Smit-McPhee and he recently had some things to say about how his character is getting re-introduced to the X-Men world and why it took until Apocalypse for it to happen...

“I think Bryan said that he thought that it just wasn’t the right time because there were already so many mutants in it and after reading the script now, I can see what they’re doing. They have the ability to bring these younger characters in now, so I think a lot of the people who know the traditional origins of where this came from will be very happy.”

The Nightcrawler we caw in X-Men 2 definitely didn't come with the traditional Nightcrawler background. In the pages of Marvel's comic books, Nightcrawler is the son of Mystique and Azazel - a character that actually did pop up in X-Men First Class. And it didn't go unnoticed that he turned out to be the character that Mystique found out was experimented on and killed by Toliver in Days of Future Past, causing that tear to roll down her face.

It could very well be that we'll hear about a tryst between Mystique and Azazel occurring between the events of First Class and Future Past that will bear fruit in X-Men Apocalypse. The age of the character certainly fits this timeline and if Kodi Smit-McPhee's statement is at all true, it will indeed make fans of Nightcrawler very happy.

What do you think? Is [X-Men: Apocalypse](movie:1194267) going to be a game changer in the world of Fox's Marvel universe? Let your mutant powers loose on the comment section below!


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