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So the much anticipated (albeit for varying reasons) teaser trailer for Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice hit last week, once again splitting the internet down the middle because y'know, if most people were to like something DC did it would most likely tear a hole in the space time continuum. However, getting past whether or not you like the trailer, it certainly left us with some questions. So here are the five biggest queries I have about the film after seeing its teaser.

1) Who built the statue?

When you consider that most of the world (or at least Metropolis) seems to be against Superman, as evident by the voice-overs and the crowd chanting "go home" it seems wierd that someone went and built a statue to commemorate him. It would surprise me if any public money was wasted on it when they had a whole chunk of Metropolis to rebuild. So who gave the money to build the statue? Surely not Luthor, who refers to Superman as a "devil" in the trailer, or Bruce Wayne who is going out of his way to make Superman bleed. It may turn out to be completely arbitrary, but it would be interesting to see if he has an as of yet unrevealed supporter with wealth.

2) What's with these guys?

First of all, take note that these guys are kneeling before Superman. Then take note that they have the Superman crest on their shoulders. Why? What possessed them to do that? Is this an underground cult that worships Superman and has a millitary force? Does the government have a special Superman task force? Does Superman have his own task force? That would seem to be reminiscent of Injustice, a video game and comic spin-off where Superman goes evil. But why would you go down that route so early? That would be like starting Batman's story with the Dark Knight Returns. Wait a second, bad example...

3) Is this the Batwing?

When you're watching a Batman v. Superman trailer and you see a futuristic looking drone/plane thing, it's natural to assume that it's the Batwing. So I did. At least until I saw it murder a couple of what appeared to be thugs. Which leaves us with three options: it's not the Batwing, the Batwing has been hijacked, or Batman is completely ok with killing people in this film. Somehow, I find it hard to believe DC would do that with the character, but Zack Snyder has done crazier things. Still, my money is on it being a Lex Luthor drone or something similar.

4) Why does Batman have a gun?

Over Batman's right shoulder there, you can see what looks a lot like a sniper rifle, and if you look closely at his feet when the video plays, you can see that there's no spire on the tower he's standing on. So it's pretty much definitely a gun. Could this be backing up that Batman kills people and that that was the Batwing in the last picture? Maybe, but it's more likely that the sniper rifle is inspired by a scene out of the Dark Knight Returns, where he uses a rifle to shoot grapple lines over a great distance in order to thwart a plan from two-face. But that still begs the question as to what he's using it for. Why does he need to be up so high, what's the rifle for, who is he hunting?

5) Is that Batman's voice?

Batman's heavy duty suit!
Batman's heavy duty suit!

At the end of the trailer we hear an electronic voice saying "Do you bleed?... You will" as the camera focuses on Batman in his Dark Knight Returns mech-suit. Which heavily implies that it's the Dark Knight saying this to Superman and that the suit is altering his voice to project it further. But there's a problem with that. Unless the suit has a mouth guard which closes over when the fighting starts, then his voice shouldn't be impeded at all, negating the need for a voice projection system. Sure, he could still be using it in order to come across as more intimidating or to hide his identity (maybe all his suits modify his voice?) but it does open up the idea that this might not be Batman speaking. It is, after all, a pretty evil sounding line. So while I personally think that it is Batman speaking (who else could deliver such an awesome line) it might be worth keeping an open mind. Metallo anyone?

Wrapping Up...

Thanks for reading guys, I hope you enjoyed it. If so, I have a YouTube channel over at Eneition where I do similar things, so feel free to check that out. I like to think we do good stuff. But what are your guys' thoughts? Did you like the trailer? Do you have any other questions I missed? Let us know below and until next time, enjoy your lives!


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