ByTyler Brock, writer at

We have all watched the preview of this film. I must say ive probably watched it 100 times! (goose bumpes every time)

But every time i read these vines i never see anyone speculating on why Superman is being hated/hunted by the people. To me the ansewr is very simple. Lets think back in the numerous Superman/ Justice leauge comics. Some where along the line Superman ends up in this sitcky situation. The people hate him and the entire world is after him. The same event takes place in the Justice leauge unlimited animated series where Superman takes on Shazam destroying a childerns playground on national telivision (if i remeber correctly) making Superman look obviously very villainous. Now that weve thought back on these familiar events lets try to remeber 9 times out of ten who was behind this " over thorw of Superman? " Yup! Thats right.... Lex Luthor!!! Im predicting that Lex as always being the evil brainiac rising to power in favor of the people will be behind Supermans


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