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WARNING: Possible spoilers for The Walking Dead comic and TV series ahead.

Fantastic news fellow dead heads - word on the street is that filming on Season 6 of [The Walking Dead](series:201193) will commence very, very soon!

According to The Spoiling Dead Fans Facebook page there was a city council meeting held last night in Senoia, Georgia, (where the show is filmed) about road closures ahead of filming. Location manager Mike Riley was present at the meeting to request the intermittent closure of Gin street and two temporary parking lots near downtown Senoia. This is in addition to the section of town where the Alexandria scenes are filmed.

Take a look at the map below to see where Gin Street (marked by the red balloon) is in related to 'Alexandria':

Gin Street is just north of 'Alexandria'
Gin Street is just north of 'Alexandria'

Speaking at the meeting Riley said that during certain scenes there will be a “need to provide safety for our cast and crew and for the general public.” Talk about intriguing! Though he did unfortunately add that he “cannot go into any great detail” about those particular scenes. He told the council that the closure of the road could last from half a day up to three days, which indicates it could be a pretty big scene, or multiple scenes, that needed to be shot in these locations. When asked why the roads would need to be closed Riley responded:

At some point … something will be happening… there will be action that is involved … it could be stuff that people need to stay away from. I can’t really go into a lot more detail… it will be known when we do it, why we did it.

Though this is all very vague, I can't help but feel that this definitely has something to do with fighting that will likely go on just outside the walls of Alexandria. In the comic series there is a short fight involving the scavengers (known as the Wolves in the TV series) followed by a much bigger battle against a herd of walkers (who come toward Alexandria after hearing gunshots). I think it's probable that in the show we might see either, or both, of these battles which could very well be the reason for the closure of Gin Street. In past battles on the show we have seen explosions and fire, both of which would be reason enough to want the general public to stay away, maybe this could be repeated in Season 6? After all, Scott Gimple has promised Season 6 will be "big, loud and scary."

During the meeting Riley also mentioned that there would be an episode being shot from May 15th until 28th, which means that at the very latest shooting on next season will begin in around three weeks! In past seasons filming has resumed in the first week of May, so it's possible that the episode Riley spoke about in the meeting will not be the first they shoot.

Source: Myles and Michelle on Spoiling Dead Fans
Source: Myles and Michelle on Spoiling Dead Fans

News of this council meeting comes after fans have reported seeing 'do not mow' signs being erected along a 2-3 mile stretch of Gordon Road, Senoia, a rural road with few houses on it. The phone number given on the signs is the location department for Stalwart Films, the production service used by The Walking Dead.

I don't know about you, but all of this gearing up for filming of Season 6 is pretty exciting, I have no idea how I'm going to wait all summer until the new season premiers!

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