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R2D2 is without question the most lovable droid of all. Wall-E, Baymax and Johnny Five from Short Circuit will have their followers but without little old R2 they wouldn't be software much less cute hardware.

To prove that the concept of R2D2-ness is as infinite and varied as the cosmos the folks over at Sideshow Collectibles (the company that makes all those sci-fi, Marvel and DC action statues that cost hundreds and sometimes thousands of dollars) commissioned over 90 artist to re-imagine the astromech droid in new and wonderful ways.

The results of the 'R2-ME2 project' easily display that not only can R2D2 easily morph into other characters from the Star Wars Universe but those from other cinematic universes as well.

The first 50 were released and all of them are quite impressive. More will follow daily. Follow all the new releases on Twitter at

Adi Granov

Andrew Pasquella

Anthony Mestas


Ben Adams

Brandon Oldenburg

Bruce Mitchell

Carlos Martinez & Queenie

Coby Lorang

Cool Rain

Danielle West

Darth Rimmer

Dave Kawano

Earl Ellis

Earl Negrete

Erik Scoggan

Gene Kozicki

George Gaspar

George Willis

Jason Eaton

John Hoffman

Kat Sapene

Keith McQueen

Kim Jung Gi

Kirk Thatcher

Kyle Morgan

uca 'Kallamity' Zampriolo

Luke 'Mr. Jack' Mancini

Matt Black

Matt Hawkins

Michael Fichtenmayer

Michael Giacchino

Michael Possert

Michael Woodring

Mike Hollister

Miss Monster

Nicole & Randy Falk

Pascual Wawoe

Pierre Bernard

Raul Martinez

Scott Zilner

The Shiflett Brothers

Steve Riojas

Tim Niver

Toi Ugnunyoku


Victoria Salas

Walter Pezzali

Wan Lee

William Mendoza

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