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Who needs Bond when you can boldly go where no man has ever gone before...

Although being hotly tipped to become the next 007, Elba will have to put those thoughts on hold as co-writer, and star of Star Trek 3, Simon Pegg has confirmed that Elba will play a “kick arse” role in the upcoming sequel.

Speaking to MTV, Simon Pegg confirmed that he and his team are still fleshing out the character and stressed that it will be a totally new Villain for the franchise. Something that has commanded the attention of trekkies worldwide!

Idris is an extraordinary actor and we’re trying to write him a kick arse role, this is the five year mission, we’re out there. We don’t need to keep bumping into the same five people. It’s a massive universe!” he told MTV.

The 42-year-old 'Luther' star has been long rumored to be in talks to star as the next James Bond following Daniel Craig’s departure, but nothing has been confirmed by the franchise’s producers. All of this news come hot on the heels of the massive Sony email leaks. Should he land the role, he will be the first black actor to become the enigmatic English spy!

However, the reboots have had their fair share of criticism, with many fans complaining that the new cinematic world doesn't have the authentic feel of the original series. The first two in the franchise, helmed by J.J Abrams, looked stunning on screen with incredible visuals and beautiful CGI. Something that didn't bode well with die hard fans of the series. For all the skeptics out there, Pegg had this to say;

Those people who decry it and say why isn't it like the show? It should be paper sets... It can't be that now. If we want Star Trek, it has to be a certain thing. But we can certainly invest in it the spirit of the show, and get back to the essence of what it is".

Only time will tell.

Elba can next be seen on our TV screens later this year, as he reprises his role as DCI John Luther in the popular BBC drama.


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