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Have you ever been watching a Disney movie and noticed something a The feeling that you are watching something you have seen before? Well, you are not experiencing Déjà Vu, you are probably spotting the elusive A113.

A113 is a hidden Easter egg in a lot of you favorite movies, for example:

Toy Story

Finding Nemo

Cars and Cars 2

The Incredibles


Bug's Life


Monsters University

Brave (Roman numerals)

Lilo and Stitch

Big Hero 6

The Princess and the Frog

Meet the Robinsons

The Brave Little Toaster



Marvel's The Avengers

Hunger Games: Catching Fire

Terminator: Salvation

Mission: Impossible-Ghost Protocol

The Iron Giant


Doctor Who

The Simpsons

American Dad

South Park

And, that's it! As you can probably guess, there is much more where that came from! A113 is located all over the world of cinema, TV, and even video games! At this point you're probably wondering "What the heck does A113 even MEAN? Is it a secret code? Is it illuminati?". Actually it's origins are much simpler. A113 refers to the door number of the classroom used by Graphic Design and Character Animation students at the California Institute of the Arts.

Alumni include John Lasseter, co-creator of the concept for The Brave Little Toaster, and director of Toy Story, Bug's Life, Toy Story 2, Cars, and Cars 2.

Alumni also include Brad Bird, who was a creative consultant for The Simpsons and directed The Iron Giant, The Incredibles, Ratatouille, and Mission: Impossible -Ghost Protocol. He also directed the upcoming Disney film, Tomorrowland.

Thank you for reading! If you find another A113, please comment below, but for now...


What was your favorite A113?


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