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I did research on the most haunted American cities based on historical evidence, and I was kind of freaked out once I found out San Francisco, California made the cut. It all kind of makes sense now, though. I lived there for a year, and honestly, my apartment was pretty creepy. The floors would creak late at night when I was asleep, the buildings are all very old and the streets are antiquated... I don't know, I just kind of always knew something was up.

Check out this list and see if YOUR city or town made the cut. If so, I wouldn't consider moving out necessarily... however, I might try to get some form of protection. Maybe a baseball bat or the Ghostbusters on speed dial.

So, without further ado, the top 10 most haunted cities/towns in America.

10. Washington, D.C.

A town with this much history almost HAS to be haunted. The nation's capitol is home to "the demon black cat," which is rumored to appear in the US Capitol Building as an omen of national tragedy or change of office. Ghost trackers claim that witnesses saw it before President Lincoln's assassination at Ford's Theatre (which is haunted in its own right).

People have also said they've spotted the spirits or ghosts of Abraham Lincoln, John and Abigail Adams, Dolley Madison, and Andrew Jackson in the White House.

9. Savannah, Georgia

Savannah is in the south, and while a lot of southern towns are sweet and full of vibrant energy, Savannah has a dark energy that exists below the surface... literally. The city was built on its dead. Houses, buildings, stores, etc are all sitting currently atop Native American burial grounds. The roads cover forgotten cemeteries of slaves and colonialists.

Over the years, there has been a lot of anger and rage and destruction in Savannah. For example, there have been battles, fires, yellow-fever epidemics, and hurricanes that have taken hundreds of lives, leaving behind spirits that never were able to find their peace.

8. New Orleans, Louisiana

716 Dauphine Street, corner of Orleans
716 Dauphine Street, corner of Orleans

New Orleans is so clearly haunted, what with the voodoo influence and the same southern history as Savannah. The town is below sea level, so tombs sit above the ground in the 42 cemeteries that are within city limits. This means that the dead are closer to the people who live there.

Ghosts from the War of 1812 are always hanging out in the French Quarter. And visitors to the grave of a prominent 1800s voodoo queen always leave offerings and ask for help.

7. Galveston, Texas

The Bishop's Palace - Galveston, TX
The Bishop's Palace - Galveston, TX

Yet another southern city here... when the Galveston Hurricane of 1900 struck, about 8,000 people were killed - that's about 6,200 more fatalities than in New Orleans' devastating Hurricane Katrina. Galveston's was the most deadly natural disaster in U.S. history, and ghost hunters say most of the town's spirits linger in its famous harbor and Victorian mansions.

The Galveston Hotel is also said to be one of the most haunted hotels in the States.

6. Chicago, Illinois

If you watch [Boardwalk Empire](series:200674), you may know a little bit about Al Capone. Well, it was in Chicago in 1929 when seven men were lined up against the wall of a garage at 2122 North Clark St and gunned down by Capone and some of his Prohibition-era gangsters. Strange mists, screams, and machine gun sounds have all been reported at this site.

There are many other local gangster hideaways and crime scenes that are said to be haunted. It makes a lot of sense that gangsters would leave their mark in any way possible, and Chicago continues to be one of the more dangerous cities in the country, anyway. Yikes!

5. Athens, Ohio

Who says a small(er) town can't be on the list? This town is where Ohio University is located, and it's home to the Athens Lunatic Asylum, a mental institution that was open from 1874-1993. It was known for its lobotomy practices. Now, it's a university-owned property called The Ridges and the building has had its share of haunted stories.

Many amateur researchers say they heard disembodied screams, apparitions that walk the halls, and a ghostly bloodstain on the floor. Throughout campus, there are also several haunted dorms, sororities, and fraternities.

4. San Francisco, California


This one literally and figuratively hits a little too close to home. I used to live here. In the 1850s, Chinese immigrants came to San Francisco in numbers, trying to capitalize on the Gold Rush. They were a little late, though, and when no gold was found, they couldn't afford to go back home.

Most took on menial jobs and died alone with their dreams crushed. These tormented souls wander the streets of America's oldest Chinatown, and are said to inhabit the city's alleyways today. Alcatraz is also off the coast of the city and is seriously haunted.

3. Portland, Oregon

Portland is just hipsters and craft beer and chill vibes, right? Wrong. Portland is also super haunted. Below the cobblestoned streets of Old Town in Portland lies the legend of the Shanghai Tunnels. These were passageways that are full of hauntings and dark tales.

Apparently, men who came to Portland to work - sailors, loggers, cowboys, and more - were "shanghaied," or kidnapped through trapdoors in saloons. They were then taken through the tunnels to the waterfront and sold to sea captains. You can find out more by watching an episode of 'Ghost Adventures' on the Travel Channel that talks about this phenomenon.

2. Gettysburg, Pennsylvania

Obviously, this is one of the most historically significant places in American history. Specifically, during the most devastating battle of the Civil War - in which about 51,000 soldiers were killed or injured in and around Gettysburg - a ton of blood was spilled on the floors of churches and schools (they were being used as makeshift hospitals).

So much blood, in fact, that drainage holes had to be drilled in the floors. Baltimore Street downtown and Hospital Road in the countryside are supposed to be the main hotspots for spirits to hang at. They have seriously unfinished business, especially those soldiers from the south.

1. Baltimore, Maryland

A lot has happened in the historic streets of Baltimore. There was the American Revolution, to the Civil War, and even the Battle of Baltimore in the War of 1812. Hundreds of years have gone by where lives have been lost and the spirits that have been left behind are out in full force.

Fells Point area is one of the most popular areas for ghost trackers to visit. There are guided tours through the maritime neighborhood that take you to taverns, shops, and restaurants where things are a little bit spooky.

(Via: USA Today)


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