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Hang On I Recognise That Place!

Does this scenery look familiar? Cast your mind back to Series 8 of Doctor Who. Episode 3 in fact. Yes we last saw this scene in the Episode "Robot of Sherwood". Now the cast and crew have been spotted here again filming for Series 9! This is the sight of Penarth's Cosmeston Medieval Village. This town will be transformed and changed into a Viking village.

What Will This Story Involve?

So far not much has been revealed about this Story. So far we know that it is going to be based around the Vikings time. The Monster/Alien has been shown on set at this location.

This image sees director Ed Bazalgette on location at Cosmeston Medieval Village with the new enemy. So far this enemy has no name as the crew of Doctor Who have not revealed it. Only shown the picture to tease all of the Whovians out there. Is it a living creature or is it Robot? Like the Robot from the Tom Baker Story?

Do The Scrolls Tie In With This Story?

Scrolls? What scrolls? Earlier this week Doctor Who posted a photo on Instagram. It was a photo of some scrolls. At first we all assumed that they were something to do with Magic which relates to Episode 1 of Series 9 "The Magician's Apprentice". Now rumors are that they are Viking Scrolls. But are they?

The Scrolls!
The Scrolls!

What are your thoughts?

Series 9 is set to air this Autumn on BBC One.


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