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So the time has finally come where a new Marvel blockbuster is unleashed and us fans can finally go bizarre over how attractive Chris Hemsworth is without being judged. James Gunn's spectacular project Guardians of the Galaxy left us all wanting more from the guys and gals over at Marvel studios, the loveable space pirate that was Starlord only reminded us of the perfect performance given by Robert Downey Jr. before hand and now we can see more of what we love in this glorious cinematic universe.

Lets jump into Ultron, the sequel to Avengers Assemble which proved to be a great piece of production as I'm pretty sure that 60% of the Earth's population have come across the super team more than once, whether that's out and about shopping or simply just browsing the internet. One does not simply know about the Avengers. Joss Whedon has definitely done a great job with the franchise and that's something that needs to be appreciated. -Cue applause- With Marvel teasing us ever so gently with multiple clips here and there dissecting the movie it really just leaves us with the question of what will actually happen? We've seen clips of Hulk fighting the Hulkbuster suit, Ultron confessing his troubles with making omelettes, Cap failing to pick up Mjolnir and Black Widow picking up the pieces but we still have to ask what is going on? The clips when studied show no relation to an actual storyline all we know is that Stark has an incident and now has summoned the villain Ultron who will undoubtedly kick all their basic human asses with a few mishaps spread across the running time with personal vendettas included and such.

Going into Ultron I wouldn't say that I was necessarily hyped up for it, I had a good concept in my head of what would happen and a strong understanding on the layout of how a Marvel film typically progresses so I am hoping for a curve ball to come into effect at some point to spice things up abit, which when put into retrospect has to happen being as The Avengers are expected to fight it out in 2016. The prospect of another Avengers movie still makes me happy however but I also still want it to be good. If I was placed in Joss Whedons shoes then I would first obviously brag about how much money I have but then I would go and take the sequel down a different route, one that we have only briefly had experience of in Iron Man 3 and Winter Soldier and that is the experience of dark and gritty vibes throughout so that sadly means no omelette jokes. Maybe I'm missing the point completely with superhero movies but realism is still a factor that has to be put into consideration in my evil eyes. This is where the Joker would normally say "Why so serious?" but that's a playing field strictly out of bounds for this kinda talk. The other thing I was worried about with the film has to be the voice of Ultron. When hearing it for the first time in the trailer I was mimicking the "There are no strings on me." line in my sleep but when hearing the line about omelettes in a clip I ended up questioning the voice acting ability of James Spader mainly as it seemed too human like for a robotic figure and icon. It also doesn't help that I can't get this damn scene out from my head:

Lets talk story: We have Tony Stark leading the team forward as it will supposedly open with his all new peacekeeping program that will keep New York 'safe', we all now know that is obviously won't happen as the Avengers are thrown into a war with Ultron, a menacing robot that wants only extinction. Along the way we meet Scarlet Witch and Quicksilver, characters that haven't really been spoken of since their reveal but the best shot at why they were introduced will probably be a link to the infinity stones or the impending doom that will come under the wrath of Josh Brolin's Thanos. So that's all we really know fore the story, that some big bad guy will come along and everyone will have to unite under teamwork and put an end to it all.

Over here in the land of tea and crumpets we are expected to see the movie on Thursday 23rd April so I will be sure to stay well away from spoilers. As for now enjoy the film and continue to be awesome. I'll just stay here and watch the trailer some more for the time being.


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