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Anyone who was into body swap movies and Disney Channel in the 90s was all about Wish Upon a Star. That may sound like a sweeping statement, but I'm still shocked by how many people remember this movie. It was technically not a Disney Channel Original Movie, since the channel didn't start using that term until after. Still, it gave us indelible moments that you would never see on Disney today (like this underage cafeteria striptease).

Here's to the movie that made us all wish we were Alexia Wheaton. Let's see what the cast of Wish Upon a Star has been up to since the movie premiered on Disney Channel 19 years ago!

Alexia Wheaton - Katherine Heigl

Katherine Heigl had her work cut out for her as the popular sister whose body suddenly becomes inhabited by the brainy Hayley. Wish Upon a Star was just the start of her career, and she quickly booked roles in Bride of Chucky, Valentine, and the alien TV series Roswell as Isabel Evans. After a string of TV movies, she landed the Emmy-winning role of Dr. Izzie Stevens in [Grey's Anatomy](tag:200746).

She eventually left the doc melodrama to pursue a film career, starring in successful (often romantic) comedies like 27 Dresses, The Ugly Truth, and Knocked Up. These days, you can catch Heigl on NBC's State Of Affairs (though it is still in danger of cancelation) and the upcoming movie [Jenny's Wedding](tag:1154674).

Hayley Wheaton - Danielle Harris

Hayley was the smart, rational sister—until her body gets taken over by Alexia, and she becomes a wild, unrepentant rebel who wears a full leather ensemble to school. Following the family friendly fare, Danielle Harris maintained her popularity as a scream queen, starring in horror films like Urban Legend, Halloween, Halloween II, Hatchet II, and Hatchet III among others.

Harris has also made a name for herself doing voice work, most notably voicing Debbie in The Wild Thornberrys and Rugrats Go Wild.

Kyle Harding - Donnie Jeffcoat

Kyle was Alexia's relatively oblivious boyfriend who ended up in the middle of the sisterly feud. After Wish Upon a Star, Jeffcoat landed a few guest roles in TV shows like Party of Five, Touched by an Angel, and 7th Heaven. He then starred in the soap opera One Life to Live for multiple seasons. His latest credit is in the film Hotchfeld from 2012.

Jeffcoat is also a third degree black in Kenpo/Kempo Karate and teaches martial arts Shaolin Self Defense Academy, a school he opened in North Hollywood.

Ben Wheaton - Scott Wilkinson

Ben Wheaton, the father of Alexia and Hayley, was extremely hands-off when it came to discipline, allowing the girls to run rampant in destroying each other's lives. Scott Wilkinson went to do more TV movies with melodramatic titles like In My Sister's Shadow, Dying to Belong, and Perfect Murder, Perfect Town: JonBenét and the City of Boulder. After a series of small roles in Touched by an Angel and playing Paige's father in Charmed, he appeared in another TV movie Everything You Want.

Nan Wheaton - Mary Parker Williams

Like her husband, Nan Wheaton felt that discipling the girls would only lead to more trouble. Wish Upon a Star was the biggest projects for actress Mary Parker Williams, but she did appear in another Disney Channel Original Movie Don't Look Under the Bed.

Principal Mittermiller - Lois Chiles

Former Bond Girl Lois Chiles turned on the mean to play the Mittermonster, the only source of scolding for Alexia and Hayley's shenanigans. After Wish Upon a Star, she appeared in Speed 2: Cruise Control and made a cameo as "Steamrolled Henchman's Wife" in Austin Powers: International Man of Mystery. After filming Curdled, a film that Quentin Tarantino produced, the director recruited her for the season five finale of CSI: Crime Scene Investigation, which he wrote and directed.

In 2002, she taught an acting class at the University of Houston, so maybe her teaching experience from Wish Upon a Star paid off!


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