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While I'm waiting for the up coming film by Rob Zombie 31 about a gang of murderous clowns that like to play games with people lives. I thought I would take a look at some of the ones that people have created themselves across the web and have put together a short list of the ones I thought were scary as hell.

In my generation people have had a fear of clowns, and whenever I ask someone why they don't like them, they always say it is because they watched the film IT.

I was the same. I hated clowns because of that film and, of course, watching it at a young age, your imagination gets the better of you and you tend to remember that growing up. The thing was: when I watched the movie again when I was older, even though it's a brilliant film, it didn't have the same effect on me. So now I look for much scarier clowns. Pennywise just doesn't cut it anymore.

Sorry Pennywise, but it's true!

Now, now, no need to be like that. You're still a legend!

Here's ten of the creepiest clowns that I wouldn't want to hear go 'bump' in the middle of the night!

1. The clown behind the curtain

2. She's mine

3. Freddy the Clown

4. It wasn't me!

5. Wanna play?

6. Those hands...

7. An evil close up

8. One-eyed terror

9. The kiss of death

10. Say "cheese!"

I hope you enjoyed the creeps and scares! Sorry if I gave you any nightmares!

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Are you afraid of Clowns?


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