ByLindie Olivier, writer at

Okay now we have the walking dead and Z nation. Today I read a post about Z-nation also watched a few episodes. Not only as a walking dead fan I personally say than Z-nation is crap. Its not boring but here's the info. So there are zombies that run and animals+ baby zombies. Whoopdy do. I sent an email to the creator of moviplot about evolving zombies in the walking dead this morning I see Z nation. I mean really. First of all: bad quality zombies you can totally see the computer work which kills the excitement. Secondly: they've got a comedian on the show...what the hell? Its a zombie apocalypse yeah some funny things here and there but a comidian come on producers!? The only thing that makes Z nation so special is the so patient 0. Bitten but not turning. Hmmm interesting.. But this is only my opinion. Please creators. Make zombies on the walking dead evolve with better quality!! Not obvious computer works. Please comment below what you think about this Z - nation series .. Yay or nay??


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