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A lot of items from around the world such as dolls, relics, mirrors and a vast number of different things are said to be haunted. Dolls, specifically, seem to be the most common, and when we talk about haunted dolls, we automatically think of Annabelle, the infamous doll from the movie The Conjuring, or even Robert, a haunted doll that resides in a museum in Florida.

Well now I've discovered another doll that has been popping up around the Internet and her name is Peggy. According to paranormal investigator and owner of Haunted Dolls, Jayne Harris, the evil powers of Peggy the doll have been running amuck on the Internet, causing anyone who sees her picture to become overcome with feelings of dizziness, nausea, or even chest pains. But a doll that causes illness? Can this be true and actually happen?

Harris claims the doll was sent to her courtesy of the previous owners, as they believed Peggy was causing them to have bad dreams. A few months ago, when the strangeness was at its worst, the family brought in a priest to bless their home, which according to them, only made the situation worse. That’s when they sent the doll packing.

According to Harris, roughly 80% of the people who come into contact with Peggy experience some kind of bad reaction that ranges anywhere from headaches, chest pains, etc.

Harris had psychic mediums visit her home to meet Peggy, each of which said the spirit that allegedly inhabits the doll was “restless, frustrated and [had been] persecuted in life.” It probably doesn’t help that the Haunted Dolls team keep taking pictures of Peggy in some dank basement on an upside down cross.

Since Jayne started her investigation of Peggy, she's had non-stop e-mails and messages from people around the world claiming the doll has affected them in some way. A woman claimed that her computer screen froze on the image of the doll, and as this happened, she felt a sinister presence in her home, and even the temperature in her house dropped suddenly.

Another woman said that all the light bulbs in her house suddenly exploded for no apparent reason, and another woman claims to have had a heart attack due to watching the doll through a video. According to Jayne, she grabbed the doll and went to an isolated spot to talk with her about tormenting people. She asked her nicely to leave them alone, she claims that everything went back to normal after that.

********** WATCH AT YOUR OWN RISK**********


Do you think you can get ill by watching a picture or video of a haunted doll?

Have you ever had an experience or your own a haunted item? Please tell me more about it down below, I would love to hear from you. In the meantime, don't forget to FOLLOW ME for more creepy and scary articles and remember Sweet Screams!!

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