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hello every body the theme for today will be fnaf the posible story, if you like not forget to share with your friends

my theory starts in the 4 night at the first game when the phone guy was atacked by some animatronic in that moment the phone guy(the purple guy) go on to springtrap and maybe thats the moment that happens on the five night death minigame,maybe it could be the children locking for revange. and thats the exactly moment when he merges with springtrap

after that the purple guy was having control over springtrap. on the 5 night how called no be freddy but sprigtrap for you can know that, fnaf3 had already been thought by scott .

when the suit be found the purple guy already be inside it. and the famous its me really is him.

and thats the reason because he can use the golden freddy suit, because he already access for the security hall.


1.because the sound coincides with the time and the moment. 2.the voice who called was a voice of human

easter eggs: 1.springtrap can be attracted by the sound although it is human half. can see the parts of the purple guy in springtrap.

ok this theory is finished if you like it shared and like ,dont forget i´m writting this for you.


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