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Ok I'm a little late to the party as I should have binge watched the entire daredevil series in one night like most people my age. But none the less I got there in the end! It was a bold move putting the entire series on Netflix all at once but I guess it gave Netflix good indication that the show was awesome seeing as they've confirmed season 2 so early.

The superhero genre seems to be blowing up right now with new show announcements and news made daily. Everyone seems to be taking leaf out of arrow's book but considering how well that show is doing it's a no brainier.

So like arrow, you see the beginnings of daredevils vigilante shenanigans but with the real origin story in flashback form. Although when arrow came out, we all thought it brought a new level of realism to a superhero. marvel however answered this with the ultra realism of daredevil. Literally bone shattering tension and fight scenes where there 8 bad guys who actually get back up after being knocked out instead of 80 bad guys who get knocked out in 2 seconds. It's refreshing to watch a superhero who turns a disability to an advantage and where the stakes actually mean something to the viewer.

But this article is titled the series without fear. This approach seemed to pay off! The budget of this series was double what some shows would spend. This is uncommon considering it's the first series but allowed the look of the show to be a lot more cinematic. A necessity when trying to keep up the mcu timeline. But a risk all the same if the show hadn't payed off.

Brutaly violent realism. we all love a good fight scene and Matt Murdock kicks some serious ass. you see the hard work put into each sequence and the choreography is immense, it puts it up there with a high budget movie. This wasn't the risky part, the risky part was to how far each scene goes in terms or gore or even suggested off screen gore. bashing a mans head into mush with a car door, impaling a head with a sharp metal fence and countless broken bones, some of them becoming exposed through skin. It's enough to make the most hardcore gore lover make that "wwwww" noise, you all know what I mean. im sure marvel got a few complaints from those fussy viewers, who want everything to be settled on screen with a conversation and sing along. They could have easily diled it down but I'm glad they didn't. It sets daredevil apart from other shows around right now.

now we just have to wait for the arrival of season 2 and the other confirmed shows such as Jessica jones and eventually the defenders.

What to look forward to? Daredevil kicking ass in his iconic red suit (I wonder if they would risk the classic yellow suit, even if it's just a costume suggestion he rejects) , the rise of Nelson&Murdock, possible Marvel civil war plot lines, other iconic villains to make appearances as well as a new big bad?

I guess we will all have to wait and see.

What are you expecting from season 2?


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