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A video sprung up on Youtube earlier this month with the conspicuous title of " The Walking Dead 6 Temporada Trailer Official." If you are wondering, "Temporada" is Spanish for "Season," so what it's saying is it's the Official Trailer for Season 6.

Check out the Trailer and then let us help you debunk it:

Now that is an awesome trailer, without a doubt. However, when you look at the details, that is where it becomes readily apparent that this is nothing but a fan trailer. Starting with the ending of this trailer (with its Brief Glimpse of Negan's Bat Lucille, and him apparently cackling in a cellar), I would highly doubt AMC would openly tout the arrival of such a big character without an official casting announcement. I also highly doubt they will show any footage of his character until its debut, due to the very violent introduction of his character in the comics.

He bashes in Glenn's head with the previously mentioned Barbed-Wire Bat, Lucille, in front of Rick, Maggie and the gang.

Also, there's about 40 more issues of possible material to cover time wise in the show before Negan is supposed to show up (assuming they follow the comics closely again this season). Now, there is a lot of interesting footage in this trailer that we have not seen before. The footage seemingly emphasizes the threat of "The Wolves" coming to the Alexandria Safe Zone. You see stalking, attacks, burnt cities, and and even a fight featuring a person in SWAT Gear brandishing a sword. Now, to Walking Dead graphic novel readers, these scenes are seemingly ripped straight from the source material. Unfortunately they are all from different movies. Maybe some readers out there can state which movies/shows all these scenes are actually from, but for the sake of time I will focus on just one film the trailer borrows footage from.

The film in Question? The Crazies. Check it out:

Now this movie (which was also filmed in Georgia) came out in 2010 and is a remake of a George Romero (you know, the guy who INVENTED the zombie as we know it) film of the same name. This was an amazing film that was received positively by both critics and fans alike (the film made back twice it's budget). It also featured impressive performances by Timothy Olyphant and Radha Mitchell, not normally seen in horror films. Now if you watch closely, you'll see one of the same scenes play out in both trailers: In the Walking Dead at 0:19, you see a shadowy figure walking down a hallway, knife outstretched. The same shot (albeit in much better quality) can be seen in The Crazies at 1:40 (notice the same marking on the wall).

The Walking Dead trailer also makes use of more footage from The Crazies from 1:03-1:05. In the scenes shown, we see a bloody Ford truck, along with a man brandishing a shotgun walking in a city destroyed by fire. Those scenes are not in the Crazies trailer, but are featured in the movie itself . The bloody Ford Truck can be seen at 43:52 , while the footage of the man is a tad bit different. If you watch the Walking Dead trailer, the footage is very dark, thus concealing the other 3 people in the above mentioned scene. In The Crazies, you can see that it is the man along with 3 other survivors of the incident. That footage can be viewed at 42:54 of the film.

The Nail in the Coffin of Authenticity

The most damning fact about the authenticity of this trailer: filming hasn't even started on Season 6 of the wildly popular show yet. The show is slated to start filming the first week of May, and that would have left all of this footage to have been shot during Season 5. It takes roughly 8-10 days to shoot an episode of the show, and the producers have stated multiple times that all they logistically have time to film is what airs on the show (Minus some trimmed gore/language or an occasional deleted scene), but not to the extent and scope that the fan trailer shows.

Some argue that they DO take time to film promos for the show, so they could theoretically have filmed scenes to promote Season 6. Here's the Season 5b promo, filmed after the Season Finale was filmed (fake Rick beard and all):

Now, if you pay close attention, there really isn't much of anything going on in this promo. Besides the production cost (including Rick's fake beard), it wouldn't take much money to film the actors looking tired, running through a forest and firing guns, where as the scenes featured in the Walking Dead Season 6 "Official" Trailer involve fights, gore, fires, and destroyed cities. That would be a lot of money to spend just for a couple of seconds.

For those clamoring for more Walking Dead, do not Fret. If history is any indication, we should be seeing the official trailer premiere in just a little over 2 1/2 months at SDCC. So in the end, while it is a VERY well made FAN trailer, to those wondering if this was real or not, you have your answer: It is Fake. However, it does raise questions and possibly hints at some of the storylines we may see play out this coming season, so we have to ask you:

What do you think will happen? Will the Wolves pose a formidable challenge and will we see Negan?

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Did the fan trailer make you more excited for Season 6?


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