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Well i want to start off by saying.....OMG IT'S FINALLY HERE!!!!!!!

Avengers age of ultron in theaters May 1, 2015.....I actually have a marathon ticket i bought at my local AMC theater. I will be watching the first avenger movie and at midnight the world premiere *in the u.s.* of avengers age of ultron. I expect this movie to BLOW the first movie out of the water profit wise and action wise for two reasons.

Reason 1.
This movie is loaded with a original cast of dynamic actors new and old.......along with the strong plot that seems to be a lot more serious/darker. This darker stronger plot drives forward and leads all future films to branch out from. The rest of marvel's films will start from this moment of the avengers events like a default button.

In other words, avengers age of ultron will be the stepping stone for all future characters and movies. This probably will include ant-man, black panther, captain marvel aka ms. marvel and Dr. Strange along with anything to do with agents of shield story-line. I'm guessing.

Reason 2.
Avengers Age of Ultron should be the starting point where the franchise splits into franchises. Marvel, like they did with the first avengers film, should have plans to divide all future films into new story-lines rooted originally from this point in the timeline of avengers age of ultron when introducing all new marvel characters. Meaning this movie will launch all the characters into one stream of reality basing their situations to age of ultron.....kinda like how the first avenger movie did for ironman 3 and thor 2. Age of ultron will be used like a default for marvel when introducing characters or reasons behind situations.....and to do that, marvel knows its got to have a strong story-line/plot.

I'm sure black panther and captain marvel/ms. marvel will be mentioned and maybe a cameo in this movie, and their movies will be directly linked into the avenger movie. Because this is the movie that most of the marvel characters can be utilized best.

Also Dr. Stranger should be mentioned in this movie, if not a cameo. I'm banking on it, along with ant-man having a wink or two. One character I'm wondering about would be peter quill and the Guardians of the galaxy....we all know thanos is the mastermind behind all this, so will there be a universal crossover because of his manipulations? I wont say what I've heard are marvel's plans, but I will say if they do pull off what i was told then, I will be very excited to see the action go down.

With that said what are some of your thoughts and expectations of the movie?What surprises do you think are in-store for the avengers and us fans? I've been told and saw visual images of what the ending credit and part-way credits are.

I have to say, if they are authentic and in the movie then i think marvel is well on its way to kicking some major blockbuster box office ass.....we all know that already though. Well write you comments down below and tell me what your hopes, dreams and aspirations of the movie should be....if you want to give me spoilers, please hit me up and don't spoil anything for anyone in the comments, thanks guys & girls.


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