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OMG......The long awaited DEADPOOL movie is here......kinda, and better yet they actually listened to the fans and cast the right guy for the job. I'm talking about Ryan dammit didn't we campaign for him hard. Ryan Reynolds deadpool 2016 pineapple grandes & chimichangas (0|0) <---hehe it's my deadpool symbol.....because of that long tough campaigning for him, I know this film will be crazy as hell funny and full of action.

I have the patience of a scary hiker about to be attacked by a grizzly bear right now for this movie. I have to say with every leaked image i get of the movie, I find myself researching the possible casted actors and I start trying to piece together where the movie is headed plot-wise. I swear I'm waiting to see some leaked old image of the x-men scene or pieces of an x-men film being used or an old weapon-x warehouse image. I really have no direction as to what i am expecting to see with this film.

I'm not a guru on deadpool so i wont say much about the story-line or possible plot.....cause I know in the comments section you guys will rip me a new one......and I'm pretty fond of my ass right now the way it is lol. I will say some of the things I've heard about this film have surprised me. Without spoiling anything, we all know deadpool was part of the weapon-x i wonder could he still be in contact with them directly or even some new recruits of weapon-x since the x-men origins: wolverine story-line.

I'm interested in knowing if a certain tentacle swinging russian, will be making an appearance sooner then later? Also the linking of x-force or x-factor or even cable for that matter....we all know fox is doing x-men apocalypse who better to easter egg now in a deadpool movie than cable himself......keep your eyes open.

Let me know what you think about the upcoming deadpool movie and what you expect them to hit on plot-wise and character wise.

I also want to remind everyone, please no spoilers...if you have to give a spoiler hit me up first and make sure you give warning with SPOILER ALERT:.........alright ladies & gentlemen....blow the comment section up....let me hear ya!!!!!


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