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Hello guys!

Today is April 22 and the world premiere of Avengers: Age of Ultron and I live in Sweden so it is my pleasure to tell you about the movie and my thoughts about it.

Warning: Spoilers may occur

First I like to say that this is the best freaking movie I have ever seen. It contained all the things I wanted and it so freaking awesome.

I've been waiting for this movie since last August and now the last week I have been so eager that I could have done anything to be able to see it before everybody else.


The Plot

The plot starts maybe a couple of months or a year after Captain America: The Winter Soldier. And the Avengers are out saving the world as usual and tries to find Loki's scepter. And than all hell breaks loose and Ultron comes to life and he takes over the internet and Scarlett Witch and Quicksilver tries to separate the team.

The Cast
The Cast

The Cast

All the actors did an amazing job with their characters and the character that stood out most in this film was probably Hawkeye. He had a major role in this film than he had in the first one.

We got to see both new and old faces in this film and I was just so happy when I saw that a certain purple colored person appeared in the movie.

The Work

The work with this movie was amazing and I am going to see it again because of the amazing work they did with this movie. All CGI was perfect and the Hulk was more awesome than ever before. I loved the Hulk the most because he look much cooler with the new green color and when I saw the Hulkbuster armor I was like I just going to record this and watch it over and over again. But I didn't do that of cause because of the law.

I loved the costumes in the movie. The suits and clothes of the characters was amazingly done and I want to have them all in my closet at home. The coolest costume must have been Cap's costume. I was like the one in The Winter Soldier but with a new touch.

That was all I had to say about the movie and it's pretty easy to give out spoilers without your knowing it. I give this film 10/10 for the whole movie is just awesome and I highly recommend seeing it. I'm going to see it again in the near future.

The Avengers in action
The Avengers in action

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