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Marty Robinson

Recently, some fans have been tossing around the idea that Captain America needs an Iron Man Armor upgrade; this is a dangerous path to go down. Once you put armor on Cap the natural question follows, why not put some on the black Widow and Hawkeye too? Or anyone else who fights with the Avengers? This quandary started when the movies (and the comics as well) failed to limit how many suits Tony could produce and who could wear them.

Still, the Black Widow has established herself as a great fighter and her worth as a covert agent. Hawkeye can stay away, use cover and fight from a range. Cap, however, has to get on the front lines and he seems terribly squishy for the job, especially when compared to the more powerful members of the Avengers.

Trouble is, Cap cannot get Iron man Armor (and neither can any of the others) because that would just make them all “Iron Men”. So what is to be done?

The first thing is to give Cap credit for what he can do, fully.

- Best fighter ever. It should be established that Cap can kick but like no other human on the planet ever has. Cap should be pulling moves like the ones seen coming from the Sith lord in Star Wars. So far we have seen him fight a well-trained terrorist and beat up a punching bag, Cap should be shown training against 5 of the best fighters in the world at once and beating them all.

o At least once, it should be shown what an incredible amount of force Cap can generate with his shield. Imagine a sprinter running at more than 20mph, imagine a pitcher throwing a ball at more than 90 mph, imagine a football player charging a goal post with enough inertia to knock it down, now put all three of these together to have cap punching something with his indestructible shield. He could have broken Loki’s staff with a blow like that.

- The Shield. Very stupidly, the comics (and now I hear film), have Caps shield get destroyed, even before they have established exactly how amazingly durable it is. The Shield should be virtually indestructible; its molecular properties being that the vibranium in its alloy uses vibration/impact to strengthen its molecular bonding. The shield can block things even Iron Man Can't. In other words, the harder it gets hit, the tougher it gets. Super powered types should be taking their best, I mean very best, shots at it and come away thinking “What is that thing made of?!?”

- Tactical mastery. Some of this showed in Avengers 1 but it should be more apparent that Cap is a tactical master. In the fight with Loki, Cap appeared to be, pretty much, a bruiser. In a lore proper fight, Cap would have evaluated Loki’s superior strength and excellent fighting ability and adjusted for it. He would have kept his shield close and dodged in and out trying to get Loki to fire another bolt at him, stalling for the backup he knew was coming.

o A nice scene. Cap and BW are fighting a group of armored baddies and doing well. A sniper locks in on BW and engages, but the bullet is blocked by Caps shield. When asked how he knew the sniper was out there he replies that he had sniper training and snipers are always on the battle field but this case was easy, he noticed that none of the enemy would move to their right. When he made a maneuver that would normally have caused a combatant to move his right, he did not see that move, confirming to him that they were trying not to cover a sniper’s shot. When BW was in the clear for a few seconds, he knew he had to act.

- Cap Armor. It should be made clear that cap IS wearing armor. He is wearing a bullet proof delirium alloy armor that seems to be designed to absorb energy blasts. (He shrugged off a direct hit to the gut in Avengers 1.)

So IMHO these things should be made clear BEFORE making any lore breaking (improving?) changes to Cap. So what are your thoughts would this be enough? Or does Cap really need an upgrade?


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