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Does the idea of experiencing the Insidious franchise in the most hands-on and frighteningly immersive way possible sound interesting to you? Well, coming to a city near you with FREE admission is the [Insidious: Chapter 3](movie:1117428) "Into The Further 4D Experience"!

This experience will physically and virtually thrill fans at every step and will make that haunted house you used to go to down the block on Halloween look like child's play. Cutting-edge Oculus Rift VR technology is being combined with horror for the very first time, in an effort to promote Insidious 3's June release.

I really like this idea that the environment is malleable and can change, as opposed to what we're used to - simply something that you watch from your comfortable vantage point in the audience.

I think this groundbreaking Insidious 3 virtual reality experience actually aims to dislodge that element of comfort, and create the scariest environment possible. I mean, check out a couple of these reactions...

Apparently, as part of this specially designed 4D experience, virtual and physical elements scare and surprise the participant as "analog meets digital". This experience is the perfect precursor to the release of the scariest chapter yet (Chapter 3) from the popular franchise.

The list of cities that this tour will hit includes Chicago, Philadelphia, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Dallas, and New York. Check out for more information.

And if you don't live near any of those cities, don't sweat it. The Further can haunt fans at home; this means the virtual reality portion of the "Into The Further 4D" experience is going to be downloadable on iOS and Android devices. To access the Experience at home, consumers must use a Google Cardboard virtual reality headset. You can get your free headset at and through select promotional partners.

Not only will you be going into The Further with this experience, but the future as well. I honestly think this is the start of something pretty big...

Check out the Insidious 3 trailer below:

'Insidious 3' comes out June 5th in a theater near you!


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