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On april 20th, the youtube account for Batman V Superman uploaded a video of basketball star DeAndre Jordan touring through the Warner Bros. Studio Exhibit. In the video below, not only do we get a full look at the Batman and Superman costumes, but Wonder Woman's as well.

Skip to 1:10 in the video below to see the costume!

Pretty awesome right? Here's a close up photo:

Last year after the image reveal, a number of fans went into photoshop and worked their magic to see if that was really the new costume, or if it had a filter. It had a filter. Here's one of the photoshopped images for comparison purposes:

With our first unofficial look, hopefully this should silence at least a few fans that keep comparing her new look to Xena. What do you think of the new look now that you can see it in color?


What do you think of the costume?


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