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Last night I was lucky to get to see the midnight premiere of the highly and absurdly hyped, Avengers: Age of Ultron. I wanted to see this film the first chance I got to avoid spoilers and provide an easy, spoiler-free for all you wonderful MoviePilot readers. First the big questions: Does it live to expectation? Yes. Is it better than Avengers 1? I reckon so. Does it have flaws? Yes. Here's the full review.

This movie starts quite well. All the gang are together and are carrying on the mission to retrieve the Sceptre which was stolen in phase 2. The overall chemistry of all the actors is once again a joy to watch. Seeing all these opinionated characters talking, arguing and even partying is one of the movies many strengths. The overall ensemble of actors is quite wonderful even after all the stunning superhero effects.

Ultron as a villain is a fantastic mix of a totalitarian ruler and immature, oblivious humor and makes for a very memorable character. I would even go as far as saying I prefer him to Loki! Credit to the voice of Ultron, James Spader who does a fantastic job voicing the character to make him have the most soothing and terrifying voice possible. Also, the voice he uses is his normal voice which is something I found very interesting.

The score is quite fitting and Danny Elfman (composer of Spiderman 1, Batman 1989, etc) does a very capable job on making his mark on the world of the Avengers. You can't mention the music without mentioning the behind-the-scenes work in the sound and video editing who are the real heroes in this movie. Quick cuts and sharp sound effects add more to a movie than you would ever realise!

The fighting scenes in this movie are notably better. Every single fight seems like its own beautifully orchestrated scene of visuals. This movie really does set and extend the bar in terms of Superhero moviemaking. As a DC fan I fear they won't ever catch up with the MCU as much as I dislike to say it!

One of the most notable things about this movie is how much funnier it is than the first one. Sure the first one had it's moments as did all the Phase 1 & 2 movies, but this movie is really quite funny, which is comparable to Guardians of The Galaxy 2. Robert Downey Jr. is his usual self and provides plenty of laughs as many of the other cast members do too! Jeremy Renner as Hawkeye was surprisingly very funny and for me, was one of the most compelling characters in the movie. Which is a breath of fresh air as in the first Avengers he was just a hypnotised drone for half the movie which was frustrating for both us viewers and even Renner himself!

I've read some reviews at the moment and the main flaw I'm hearing is it might be too much (action that is) and I don't think I agree. Avengers 1 was huge and the purpose of a sequel is to make it: Bigger & better. If you go even 1% bigger than Avengers 1, then you're have a pretty huge movie and so Age of Ultron provides us with absolute action that's just for everybody.

As far as easter eggs go this movie has quite a few from what I noticed on first viewing. I won't mention any of them because of spoilers but all I will say is they are satisfying. More than anything it's just really cool seeing a conversation with Iron Man, Captain America, Hawkeye, Black Widow and Nick Fury. This movie gives comic book fans, movie fans, action fans, comedy fans, everybody a reason to see this fantastic epic.

To sum it up, I loved the movie. It was ridiculously over-hyped and didn't fall beneath it. It lives up to what it says it is and I can't wait 3 years for Infinity Wars! Make sure you see this one in the cinema where it deserves to be seen!


- Great chemistry

- Groundbreaking visuals

- Ultron is great


- ????

Overall: 9.1


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