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I like Delphine 100% more now that she's taken over for Rachel as the public face for DYAD. I was never that invested in her relationship with Cosima. Cosima's great. I'd love to be her plutonic male lab partner/drug buddy and I certainly can't fault her for falling for icy blond French women, but I never could tell where Delphine was coming from. She's always felt a bit like she's a few seconds from screwing everyone over. I think i suspected here lesbian intentions, perhaps. Like maybe it was only an affectation, or a corporately suggested experimentation doomed to ultimately break my favorite clone's heart.

She did, ultimately, but I trust her intentions now. When she gave Cosima the Old Yeller treatment in the hallway - and Tatiana Maslany delivered one of the most heartbreaking "I Love You''s" in recent memory - I believe that Delphine was doing it because she needed to focus on the massive pile of work she must have on her desk now that she's taking over for Rachel. I'm inclined to believe that her convo with Dr Gimme-Ur-Uterus was more of a political thing - making sure he's not going to raise a stink in front of Ferdinand. I reserve the right to be wrong, but I'm inclined to think she's got our heroines' best interests at heart.

Part of that confidence in Delphine no doubt comes from the fact that we're now sort-of behind the scenes at DYAD. The reveal that Marion Bowles is pretty cool last season and the discovery that most of the sinister, "CLONES MUST DIE" shit came from Rachel's maternal jealousy, not some corporate directive. It's still a corporation - a soulless mass of people whose interest will always default to the bottom line - capable of many bonehead plays, but at least now it's not being driven by a power tripping clone. Rather: everybody seems to get that Castor & the Boy Clones pose a greater threat than any Sarah & her manic pixie gumption pose.

Rachel Duncan and her Tales from the Crypt FML moment
Rachel Duncan and her Tales from the Crypt FML moment

Not a big fan of an gross horror involving eyeballs, let alone watching someone manipulate someone's ability to speak by pressing down on their eye-wound, but I can't say that I blame Delphine for clearly enjoying the act of torturing Rachel for information.

Throughout last season, Rachel became Orphan Black's most definitively awful person. No doubt she's suffered, being orphaned/abandoned by her parents and raised by that aforementioned soulless corporation, but with this episode's discovery that she was in the process of trying to wipe out Sarah and all the other characters we've grown to know and love, she's almost unforgivable. Maybe she'll find redemption - realize the error of her ways and grow to become another one Kira's cool aunts - but somehow I doubt it. More likely, she'll emerge with a cool eye patch, and renewed super villain ambitions. I can't wait.


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