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By now most of us have already went through and watched the recently released Daredevil series, some of us even more than once. The show is absolutely amazing, one of the best products put out by either Marvel or DC. This shown is the dawn of a new age for television universes, making it hard for great shows like Arrow and The Flash to keep up. A huge part of this shows critical acclaim is due in part to Vincent D'Onofrio's outstanding performance of Wilson Fisk AKA Kingpin. Mr. D'Onofrio, a legend in the eyes of some, has taken the character of Wilson Fisk to a level of eminence that nobody saw coming. I would go as far to say that Wilson Fisk might just be, in 13 episodes of Daredevil, the best villain that Marvel has to offer in the cinematic universe. There is no villain that has such deep roots and such a gripping story, he is exactly what the show needed, who knows where it would stand without him.

Vincent D'Onofrio as the Kingpin
Vincent D'Onofrio as the Kingpin

He is a controlled Psychopath

Kingpin at first glance, really just seems to be your everyday crime boss, then you begin to scratch the surface and see that their is more to the character than first thought. As a child he was abused heavily by his father, who he ended up killing while still a child as he watched his mom beaten half to death. This is the begging of what we now know as Kingpin. He is emotionally broken, this is evident in the many emotional breakdowns that occur throughout the series. He fuels off of his negative emotions, he sometimes even becomes a bit blinded by his own feelings. Even through all of these unfortunate circumstances, he always remains in control of everything. He may be psychotic but he damn sure is a smart one. He is very respectful to his allies and friends alike, and even to his enemies, but he will not hesitate to snap and remove your head by way of car door, no seriously...that happened.

(Warning: Viewer Discretion advised)

He Has a soft side

Yes, even a psychopath can have a soft side. Wilson Fisk is more than just a blood thirsty control freak, he becomes attached to things and the people around him. He loves his mother, like any other human would. He cares for her more than anything and would do anything to provide for her safety. Wilson Fisk is also quite the lover, he meets a women named Vanessa (Fisk) and instantly falls in love, this is where things start to become interesting. Wilson instantly become more distant from his associates and begins to think less clearly. It is apparent his emotions are running on the fuel of love, something that he is not accustomed to feeling. Anyone that murders his father and throws parts of his body in a river before he reaches 9th grade Algebra will obviously have some sort of issues in the future. I just love how human the character feels, throughout everything that he has done you still express sympathy for him. No matter what the circumstances i still found myself rooting for Mr. Fisk to succeed.

He genuinely means good

Kingpin is just one of those characters that means to do good, and honestly thinks he is, but is just a goes overboard with it. He just wants to make the city of Hell's Kitchen a better place and he will let nothing stand in his way of this. He see's the dastardly things that he does as just another move on the chess board that is the road to tranquility in Hell's Kitchen. I think for this reason exactly is why we all seem to humanize his character and begin to feel sorrow for the things that he must endure. He has such a troubled past, he grew up living with the demon's of his fathers murder on his back. It is due to this event that propels his mission to do good for the city of Hell's Kitchen. Kingpin draws comparison to another Marvel villain Magneto in this aspect, both have had very troubled past, went through unimaginable events. Both Wilson Fisk and Magneto want to do good, they want peace and tranquility for all but take a very hostile approach to things. They don't understand why these tactics don't, and will never work, but at the end of the day you have to respect Kingpins ultimate goal and the reason that he does the things that he does.

He can hold his own

Wilson Fisk exhibited multiple times throughout the show his abilities in hand to hand combat. He is a very very large and strong individual, he goes into this rage and the rest is history. There is really no stopping him, especially in the video I provided earlier. His power is just remarkable, exceeding that of a normal human. This was evident in the season finale fight against Daredevil where his strikes seemed to equal about 6 of Daredevils. Combat wise he is very deadly, I would say he is a more humanized Hulk, the angrier he gets the stronger and more deadly he gets. When Kingpin goes into a rampage, the best plan of attack is to avoid attack and RUN.

Can he really be considered the best villain in the MCU?

While Daredevil is a television series, there is no denying it shares the same universe with the films. There is no denying his place as a all time great in the comic universe, with this being said, is it fair to say that he is the best villain that Marvel has to offer on screen? The answer to that my friends is, yes. There is no villain within the MCU that captures the viewers and grabs them emotionally. No he is not the traditional villain and does not belong in the same category of someone such as Loki or Ultron, but he is definitely the most enjoyable to watch. Kingpin really made the show for me, the Daredevil series would not be what it is if not for Vincent D'Onofrio's Kingpin. He truly defines what it means to be confused and emotionally scarred but still wanting to do good, no matter what the cost. Time after time I found myself on the brink of tears due to what Wilson Fisk had to endure in his life. He is one of the few villains that most likely has more supporters and fans than that of the hero himself, someone who truly makes what they are associated in so much greater, much like Heath Ledger's Joker, and that is the mark of a truly great villain.


Do you consider Kingpin the best villain in the MCU?


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