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Because Avengers: Age of Ultron is perhaps the most exciting film to come out this year, rumors have been running wild about the film since it began filming last year. Now that Moviepilot Editor-in-Chief Alisha Grauso and I have seen the film, we can finally address all the rumors that had circulated the media before the first screening started. The answers to these rumors will likely be leaking online today anyways, with the film releasing in much of Europe today and tomorrow, so we might as well get the info out there. Ready or not, here we go!

WARNING: This contains MAJOR plot spoilers. Continue at your own risk, I hold no liability in any claims against me "ruining the film" for you. We ask that, if you continue, you do still support the film by going to see it on opening weekend! The bigger the box office, the more funding they tend to invest in sequels and solo films.

Rumor #1: Captain Marvel appears in the film

False. Captain Marvel does not appear in the film, nor is she in any way easter egged in the slightest. Joss Whedon, the director, originally wanted to put her in the end of the film when the new complete cast of the Avengers show up, but Marvel Studios president Kevin Feige felt otherwise compelled.

Rumor #2: Hulk ends the film flying off in the Quinjet into space, setting up for a Planet Hulk storyline.

True and false. Hulk locks himself in the Quinjet due to fear of hurting someone. The Quinjet does not go into space, but rather flies in the Earth's atmosphere. Because Stark made the Quinjet untraceable, Hulk has successfully gone into hiding.

Rumor #3: Captain America successfully picks up Thor's hammer, Mjolnir, before the end of the film.

False. Captain America's "budging" of the hammer in the released clip of the film is as far as the hero gets to picking it up. However, another Avenger besides Thor does successfully pick up the hammer, and chances are it isn't an Avenger you'd expect.

Rumor #4: Spider-Man is in the post-credits scene of the film.

False. Thanos successfully acquires the infinity gauntlet in the mid-credits scene. This is the one and only one scene, and it is extraordinarily brief.

Rumor #5: Age of Ultron is packed with easter eggs teasing Ant-Man, Doctor Strange, Black Panther, Guardians of the Galaxy 2, Civil War, and Inhumans.

Predominantly false. Age of Ultron presents easter eggs for Black Panther and Civil War only, with no easter eggs for any other films at a first glance. The nation of Wakanda is name-dropped, as well as Black Panther's villain Ulysses Klaw making his first appearance and showing the origin of his missing arm.

Rumor #6: Loki's scepter is an infinity stone.

Mostly true. Within the glowing blue outer shell of the scepter is a yellow stone, which is used to create Ultron, which he later uses himself to bring to life Vision. The stone, unlikely the other stones, is known by its comic book name: the mind stone. Thor says at the end of the film that the stone is one of four that he knows has appeared within recent years out of six total stones, meaning the Avengers are fully aware of the stones, and they are aware of the orb having been discovered (suggesting they know about the Guardians of the Galaxy).

Rumor #7: Hawkeye has a new love interest.

True. We catch Hawkeye on the phone with someone he calls his girlfriend, and we later find out why the "romance" between Hawkeye and Black Widow was never actually a thing, and simply just best friend feelings. We also get confirmation from Captain America himself in the film that he and Black Widow's "thing" wasn't a thing either, as she was just being her usual flirtatious self, making Hulk + Black Widow her first actual love interest.

Rumor #8: Quicksilver dies in the movie at the hands of Ultron.

Unfortunately true. While the character had so much promise, he was killed off. The event causes interesting character development for multiple Avengers, including the hero he saved and his sister, Scarlet Witch, who takes her anger and overwhelming emotion out on Ultron in a "No more mutants" style way. Don't worry, she doesn't declare "No more Ultron-bots", but her powers in rage do look pretty epic.

Rumor #9: Captain America's shield breaks, which is why they travel to Wakanda.

False. The shield breaks in a vision of Tony Stark's under a spell from Scarlet Witch. The Avengers head to Wakanda to find Ulysses Klaw, who is connected to events with Ultron and the twins.

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