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That Pesky Name Issue is Resolved

And, there you go. The family name for Dad & hubby, Cal/Hyde; Mom and wife, Jiaying; and darling daughter Daisy/Skye/Quake is officially established as "Johnson". Cal's office door had the label "C.L. Johnson, M.D." etched upon it and he confirmed to Skye that was his name before he changed it to "...something more sinister..." (apparently, Zabo).

During last week's episode, we were introduced to a twenty-six-year-old Inhuman potential who was being dropped off by Gordon to go backpacking. We discovered this week that he was captured and experimented upon by Hydra. His name was Ethan Johnson. Relation? Does Daisy have a brother (or, might he be a cousin)?

Update (4/23): Went back and rewatched the scene with List zipping Ethan into the body bag - he definitively calls him Ethan JohnsTon - not Johnson. Crisis averted! ☺

Danger in The Afterlife

Hydra has managed to detect Gordon's teleportation events. They have witnessed the simultaneous existence of matching "quantum entanglement signatures" bridging two different parts of the world and are attempting to figure out a way to intercept whatever it is. The last time it occurred, they found Ethan at one end and captured him. After some rigorous testing on Ethan, he succumbed to the procedure ("cardiogenic shock in the 37th hour of experimentation") and died.

And, recently, that signature was noted between somewhere in China and Milwaukee.

Hydra will soon show up at the door of The Afterlife / Lai Xi. I'm sure that will, somehow, fail to go over well with Jiaying. She will have to either reach out to S.H.I.E.L.D. for help or she will have to go to the Inhuman leadership. The former will allow for the battle to appear to be waged between S.H.I.E.L.D. and Hydra while the latter would start an all out war between the Inhumans and Hydra.

My money is on the former.

Avengers: Age of Ultron Easter Egg

Coulson's team, using information obtained by Deathlok/Mike Peterson, is actively chasing down Hydra (specifically, Dr. List and Baron von Strucker) in an attempt to recover Skye. They already know von Strucker is experimenting on "powered" people and they are afraid Skye might be one of them. Their assumption is that Gordon is a Hydra operative (they have no knowledge of any Inhuman community, after all).

So, to get to Hydra, Coulson recruits black ops master, Grant Ward, who, until the death of Agent John Garrett/the first Deathlok, had connections with Hydra. Ward has an idea and it includes turning S.H.I.E.L.D.'s Deathlok over to Hydra and following his comm link.

To facilitate the transfer of Deathlok to Hydra, Ward and Kara (Agent 33) have another toy in their employ - Sunil Bakshi. And, Sunil knows how to get to List. And, Ward, through brainwashing, controls Bakshi. At least, he's pretty sure he controls Bakshi. Tricky thing, this brainwashing... I wonder if Hydra has taken precautions to insure their brainwashing techniques aren't turned back on them?

So, Coulson's team is now tailing the Hydra squad as Bakshi and List jet off to see Baron von Strucker. But, as List is organizing his thoughts on how Bakshi managed to get away from his captors while all the other heads of Hydra have been killed, one of his scientists who have been monitoring for the teleporting being alerts List to the new event - again in Milwaukee.

List has his plane lift off. Coulson's team assumes they are heading for Eastern Europe - to von Strucker's castle.

They land in Milwaukee. List and Bakshi are after that teleporter and are assuming he is still there.

Meanwhile, At Real S.H.I.E.L.D.

Director Gonzales is sending a scientist (or some sort of item) that can help Agent May and Simmons get into the toolbox. Simmons, realizing her ruse is about to be exposed, finally confides in May that she gave the real toolbox over to Fitz and it has been returned to Coulson.

May is not happy. She was hoping to use the information inside it to exonerate her boss and friend.

But, maybe there's something else they can do. When Coulson and his group seized the QuinJet from Gonzales' men, video showed that Deathlok was working with Coulson's team. May has Simmons attempt to hack into Deathlok's comm link so they can see what is going on and, possibly, get a location on Coulson and his team.

A Happy Father-Daughter Date

Jiaying is preparing to dump her husband back into the general public. Skye realizes this and convinces Jiaying that just dumping him would not be prudent. With his lack of control, he would go berserk and, probably, injure a lot of people trying to get back to Skye (and, Jiaying, whom he loves dearly).

So, she negotiates with Jiaying to go with Cal so that, when the time came, she could explain what was going on and that she would, like a good daughter, come to visit - regularly! Then, Gordon could bring Skye back to Lai Xi.

Cal is beside himself with joy. There he is, tooling around Milwaukee, looking for ice cream to buy his little girl to make her happy. He goes on about the plans he and Jiaying had for settling here and raising their daughter ... the charter school she would attend was "...just over there..."

Skye bumps into some thuggy-looking dudes on the street and Cal about blows his stack. Where are their manners?! They need to apologize to his little girl! But, Skye talks him down - she's the one who bumped into them, she assures her dad. How about an ice cream bar from that store there... ?

Oh. Sure! Cal can do that. He bounces into the store... as, Skye pulls out the cell phone she just heisted off that thug and calls May looking for Coulson.

May is shocked to hear from Skye and asks where she is. Skye, of course, doesn't have the time for a full lecture on her recent journeys so she just tells May that someone needs to be sent to apprehend her dad so that he doesn't go all nuts and wipe out half the population of Wisconsin once Skye is set to leave him.

Her plan is to go with the S.H.I.E.L.D. agents as they take her dad into custody.

It All Comes Together in Milwaukee

Cal pops back out with the ice cream, oblivious to his daughter's conversation with S.H.I.E.L.D. as Skye unceremoniously deposits the still-active phone into a trash bin. May puts Simmons to getting a position on where that signal originates so they can get to Skye.

Here comes S.H.I.E.L.D. - but, it's the wrong S.H.I.E.L.D.

Cal walks Skye over to his abandoned offices. He owns the building - every wall and every lamp! So, his stuff is still there. He isn't rich, but they would have lived quite comfortably.

Entering the building, he goes into his office and opens a drawer in a filing cabinet. Inside, there is a pouch filled with surgical utensils. They were his grandfather's (apparently, also a doctor). He explains that they were the same tools that he had used to stitch Skye's mom back together after Whitehall had dumped her seemingly lifeless body in those woods.

Skye is a little confused as to why he has an office in Milwaukee - didn't he live in China? Turns out, he was in China serving with the international organization, Doctors Without Borders. Apparently, he was quite an altruistic man. It was in China where he had met Jiaying and had fallen hopelessly in love with her. She was studying to be a doctor herself.

They were planning on returning to his home in Milwaukee to raise their family.

Dumping Dad

Skye was trying to explain that she needed to leave - she is an adult with an adult life and she needs to get back to her friends (and job). Cal then recognizes that the plan was to dump him in Milwaukee " yesterday's garbage!" He already knew he couldn't stay in Lai Xi and Skye reminded him of that, but he is getting really angry. And, you don't like Mr. Hyde when he's angry.

Then, they hear a noise - someone has entered the building. Cal takes out one of the scalpels and goes out into the hallway to confront the intruder. Skye follows.

It's Lincoln. He had been left to watch after Skye by Gordon and Jiaying and had become concerned that Skye and Cal had been out of sight for so long.

Cal isn't happy with the presence of this "watchdog" ... he doesn't like the fact that Gordon and Lincoln would not trust him with his own daughter. And, heap on the fact they were planning on stranding him away from his family and the anger rises, again.

About that time, agents round the corner with guns. Cal mistakes them for S.H.I.E.L.D. agents, but Skye correctly confirms they are Hydra. He tells Lincoln to get Skye out of harms way and turns to face the agents.

Cal begins bashing Hydra skulls left and right, Lincoln shocks one into submission - havoc reigns supreme! Bakshi and Deathlok enter the building and hear the noise upstairs.

Then, Coulson and Hunter along with Kara and Ward enter the fray shooting up Hydra agents wherever they see them.

Deathlok gets to Lincoln. Cal has gone off seeking more Hydra heads to bash. Lincoln attempts to send an electrical shock into Deathlok and does manage to stall his advance - even managing to lift him off the ground. Mike tries to alert Lincoln that he is a friend of Skye's, but Lincoln compares the truth in that to the truth that he is The Hulk - he isn't buying it.

Bakshi and a couple of his goons come around the corner.

On the top floor, Coulson and Ward are having a shootout with more Hydra thugs. Skye bursts out of the stairwell and into the same hallway. She and Coulson see each other and she starts to run in his direction as Ward kicks a Hydra agent Coulson had just KO'd.


Skye is just about to reach Coulson when Gordon pops in and grabs her and begins to teleport away. Cal explodes into the scene and dives into the teleporter as the teleportation occurs. All 3 are now gone.

The Hydra agent Ward had just kicked gets up and draws a bead on Coulson who turns but Ward is already shooting the guy in the back of the head. He falls then, for good measure, Ward shoots him a couple of times more looking at Coulson as if to dare him to object. He doesn't look happy.

Deathlok and Lincoln are still on the lower floors and are about to get up when Bakshi walks in and has one of his agents take out the two heroes. One of those "timestopper" grenades are lobbed at them and they fall to the floor. They are now in Bakshi's custody. Of course, Bakshi is a thrall of Ward's... we think... maybe.

Kara/Agent 33 and Hunter stumble up - Hunter's been shot. All the Hydra agents are down; Skye, Cal and the teleporting man are gone; Hunter and Kara announce that the "other guy" and Deathlok were taken by Bakshi; and the four of them are now all alone in the building (except for the fact it is still being overrun by Hydra agents).

They head up to the roof where their QuinJet is parked and bail.

Then, an hour or two later, Bobbi and Mack arrive on the scene and survey the damage. And, Coulson announces his presence - he's come back into the building after Hydra had finished up and vacated. He's waiting for Gonzales' people and surrenders to them. He needs more resources if he is going to ever get Skye back and the only one who has them is that S.H.I.E.L.D.

He didn't appear to have brought the toolbox with him, though. Or, did he...

Next Week

Daredevel Renewed!

The Marvel Cinematic Universe gained another modicum of stability last night when it was confirmed that Daredevil has already been renewed for a second season. This is exciting news for Marvel (and superhero) fans as it means the MCU is not only growing, but is beginning to mature into a solid work that we will be able to watch for years to come.

Nothing more on the Spin-Off

The possibility still exists these last few weeks to integrate Edward J. Olmos into the role as Robert Gonzales with him as the Director of S.H.I.E.L.D. He would be rock solid in the role and he would bring a power into the show that it's lacked under Clark Gregg.

Not that Gregg is bad - he just appears mis-cast as the leader of a world-wide, highly professional, clandestine operation like S.H.I.E.L.D. Put Coulson at the head of, say, S.W.O.R.D. or Secret Warriors (especially Secret Warriors!), where his genius and personality can shine and his charismatic care for his charges can settle his new recruits and you would have something special.

Clearly, Fitz and Hunter would stay with him. Deathlok would also serve as a valuable asset that he could lend to S.H.I.E.L.D. from time-to-time. After a couple of episodes, Simmons could come "home" to Coulson's new group followed shortly by Bobbi Morse. Morse has not taken kindly to Gonzales' penchant for trying to kill enhanced humans first and capturing later - especially when one of those is her friend, Skye.

Mack is a Gonzales man, through and through. He could stay and become a member of the cast of the continuing show. Agent Weaver would serve May's role as confidant and personal protector for Gonzales and other actors could be brought in to bring the show back to full staff (they definitely need some scientific chops, there - maybe they could bring in some older and wiser characters who are more in tune with their commander?

It is already confirmed that Nick Blood (Lance Hunter) and Adrienne Palicki (Bobbi Morse / Mockingbird) are in negotiations to star in the spin-off. It has been suggested it would be a "Mr. & Mrs. Smith" (referencing the Angelina Jolie / Brad Pitt spy dramedy from 2005) affair, but I don't see it. The dynamic when the two actors are together fails to work - at any level. Each is awsome around all the other cast and in whatever situation they are placed, but Palicki tends to dominate Blood and the resultant "chemistry" has a decidedly bad reaction in my sinuses.

Now... Palicki and Simmons (Mack)? There's a dynamic that is awesome. He is strong and confident and she bounces off of him like a wall while he stimulates her personality and her physicality.

Blood and Palicki are currently "starring" in Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. and the show isn't about them - it's about the team. So, Marvel is negotiating to move them to the new program. Maybe they've already secured the rest of the team and they are ready to go? Or, maybe some of the rest of the team wants to stay with the old show until they see how the new show will come down (can't see that because Clark Gregg is the glue everyone revolves around - but, it's possible. Never know what agents are putting into their collective ears.).

I can hope, can't I? I have really come to love Clark Gregg (took me a while to shake off the "New Adventures of Old Christine" dirt he had on him) and I think there are possibilities out there where he would blow the walls out. I just don't think AoS is it.

Make the show an actual spy drama with Olmos at the head and you would have a dynamic program that would last for years. It could be a kind of Star Trek: The Next Generation, but on earth, exploring the vast expanses of the Marvel Universe.


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