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Welcome to the fourth update of all things happening in the Moviepilot Community. From having phone interviews with the stars to watching early screenings of films, we're always looking to get you the coolest opportunities to get you closer to Hollywood. Here's a listing of what we've hooked you up with this week!

We flew four Creators out to Los Angeles for Fantastic Four

Check out Bobby Burn's Fantastic video

We don't just give perks to our creators who write but also vlog!

Cassie Benter was our Sue Storm!

Why do we need a Fantastic Four reboot? Check out Cassie's three reasons here!

Joining Bobby and Cassie are the other two members of our Fantastic Four team.... Adonis Gonzales and Nicholas Staniforth.

Wondering where Dr. Doom plays into Fantastic Four? Check out Adonis' theory here.

Or maybe you're more interested in the Thing? Nick's got you covered here.

We also have a lot of amazing smaller perks you can also enjoy...

Mark Lynch got to see The Marine and interview some of the stars!

Curious about what the cast had to say or how good the movie is? Check out his interview and review!

Amy Surprenant had a chance to see Autism in Love and also conduct an interview with the Director and Producer.

Check out her in depth review here and what the Director and Producer had to say here.

Clara Baez got to catch an early screening of Age of Adaline.

Clara talks about Blake Lively's stunning performances here!

But we don't just send you places, we send you gifts!

Do you have the blood of the dragon? Write about it!

Join our amazing community and you might just be the next creator we fly out to sunny Los Angeles!


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