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Hey guys im not gonna say sorry for my last post nor will i care if you find my list wrong if you want to change it then write your own. Now hello guys this list will consist of characters that arnt in a tv show or or have been hinted at it so here we go.

  • #1 Captain Britain, He would be a great character to bring into the MCU and it would open up a whole new group of hero's to use or bring into the MCU. His powers comes from a supernatural gem so he could also have ties to Doctor Strange. He also has space travel with him so he could also bridge the space with GoTG or Captain Marvel. But the budget just dont see it or they think he is two minor a character but i think he would make a great addition to the groups.
  • #2 Hercules he would also make a great character for his ties to Thor, a solo movie could give us his origin and why he grows to resent or have sport with Thor. It would also set up for even bigger MCU with more villains, and he would have comedic part because of his boasters yells of battle that are kinda funny. The only problem with this is that he never was part of any big teams so it wouldnt go far in the MCU so i guess we wont see him soon.
  • #3 Daimon Hellstorm he is my favorite Marvel character he has ties to everyone Doctor Strange, The Avengers, The Defenders and more. He would also help bring the more sinister of villains Mephistopheles, and Satan, Satana all the really hellish villains. He also has teamed up with Adam Warlock which is a handler of one of the Infinity Stones. This has even more problems because of his sheer volume of people he has ties into would cause stress on the MCU it would have to no longer kill it villains so the questions posed would be where are the rest of the villains, but it woudl be awesome to see on the big screen.
  • #4 Union Jack now i know this one is kinda weird one but he ties in with Captain America in WW2 and only then but they could do a movie that shows him finds an Infinity Stone and hiding it or giving it to someone to hide. That is a problem it doesnt open any doors so i think it would be a bust. However seeing a WW2 Superhero team up would be cool show Captain with Jack fighting baron Zemo would be awesome but we'll never know.
  • #5 Ka-Zar now this one would make the most sense because he has fought with everyone and is a good friend with the Doctor Strange and Black Panther. He also protects one of the largest Vibrainum mounds in the Marvel universe, he would bring a new type of fight hero to the MCU that would allow more primitive hero's to come into it. He is also a key player in the Civil War Arch along with Spiderman. The problem with him is that he brings Dinosaurs into it and that would steal the show from the hero's and the Villains it would just be a Marvel's present Jurassic Park.

Thats it for this one like share comment, the list was made out of my own opinions was not meant to make anyone mad or upset. I think we might see some of this but only time will tell. I know i focused on Doctor Strange and the Avengers i couldnt think of ones that tied in to the Inhumans. Thanks Guys.


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