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To be honest with you, its half 3 in the morning and I still don't quite have the words to fully express The Avengers: Age Of Ultron. I mean you have to understand, you go to see a film and you think you know what's coming but to answer Quicksilver himself.

No. I did not see that coming.

Don't get me wrong I love The Avengers and I knew it would be awesome. But that film it just, it exceeded every expectation that I had. I mean not only the fact that it was an incredible movie but how well each character was told, their stories that we saw. The raw character stories that made me connect so much more with The Avengers. But the pure fact that this movie has set up so much more, it was so much more then just a story, it was the future of the MCU. The ground work for future films. (uhem a.k.a Civil War, Infinity War and Thor Ragnarok and Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D, And probably loads more that I haven't even noticed yet.) Plus everything evolved in this, the characters, their relationships and how much they realise how quickly everything can fall apart and how much they need each other. (And the only reason this film doesn't have 10/10 is because I need to save that 10, I always worry about giving a 10/10, what if Infinity War is even better, then I just look silly!)

Also with this movie it was funny. So funny, I mean Marvel has always been funny but this stepped things up. The comedic timing and the characters when they are all together is not only hilarious sometimes but it just works. Having all of those big names and big characters in one film is not an easy take but somehow with The Avengers it just works. The jokes that came bouncing off everyone, the cinema was filled with laughter every time there was a joke. Plus Tony Stark saying "Yayy" in a high pitched voice is adorable and hilarious.

Also well done to the Visual Effects guys. Ultron I mean, the pure beauty of his effects was stunning. Also well done Marvel you made one hell of a creepy villain. Ultron is creepy and feels twisted, James Spader was the perfect casting choice for this role. I mean the sheer intensity of the idea of Ultron is creepy but seeing him in the flesh. Ultron was the perfect villain for this film because he was different, not anything like any other villain before him and that's what I loved. I tip my hat to you Marvel. And to you Joss Whedon.

Also I have to bring up the fact that they used this film so cleverly, bringing in two new characters who we have not been properly introduced to yet. (because of course like a proper Marvel fan knows, they were at the end of Captain America The Winter Soldier) I mean with a film made up of a cast who we all know and love. Characters that we have been watching for years, and you bring in not one, not two but three new superheroes and they make you fall in love with them. You don't even question the fact that they are there, they fit.

Plus as well the fact that it's not just The Avengers in this film, characters from all the different film's turn up and it still works. It's not overcrowded, no one overshadows anyone else.

Also this film connected so well with Agents of Shield, and that was no easy task for them, everything and I mean everything in the MCU is so well linked. Literally from the second the film started I was nerding out about the fact it followed directly on from last nights episode of Agents of Shield. (But that is all I will say about the show from now because that is not to do with how good Age Of Ultron is. But seriously everyone should be watching Agents of Shield)

This film made me cry as well. Finally getting to understand Black Widow better as well, something that I think we needed.

And Hawkeye. I will say well done Jeremy Renner. I always loved Hawkeye even if we didn't get to find out very much about you in the first Avengers, this one made up from it. His story is a reason to go and see this film, he is a stand out role. Also you have to adore Captain America, I mean he really is the moral compass of this team and I don't understand how anyone can't think he is just awesome.

Now as I know that not many people would have seen this yet, well not unless you are from the UK I am trying not to give away any spoilers because it's just so good when you don't know spoilers. THERE IS SO MUCH MORE TO WRITE ABOUT. DAMN THIS MOVIE FOR BEING PERFECTION. (plus Cap tearing apart wood with his bare hands always amazing.)

There is so much more that I could say about this movie like literally so much more, but I will save that for another article about all the Easter eggs and hints that this movie said and what it has set up for the future of the MCU, because if I start talking about that now I don't think I will stop.

Oh and the little clip after the first set of credits. YES. JUST YES. NERDING OUT OVER HERE. That's all I am going to say.

All I will say is thank you Joss Whedon. For two outstanding Avenger films. We will miss you at the head of these films but your legacy is there. These characters, this film and the future that it holds for the MCU and it's fans.

There will be another article to follow, once I have had time to gather my thoughts...

Till then my fellow Marvel nerds...


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