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Close your eyes and imagine being stuck in a hurricane or tornado. Winds are howling, debris is flying everywhere at a dangerous velocity, trees are being uprooted and the shelter you’re in is in danger of losing its roof. You’re scared beyond imagination because you know your life hangs in the balance. Should the roof collapse you’ll be buried in debris or worse; the wind blows away the debris that’s on top of you and leaves you exposed to the raw storm itself. All these projectiles flying in the air will tear you to shreds alive in the most brutal way…

Suddenly at lighting fast speed you are saved and flown to safety by something unknown to you. Was it God looking out for you? What can explain this miracle? You look up into the air and see….him.

The saviour that is Superman
The saviour that is Superman

He speaks to you while floating in the air; “You’re safe now” and before you give your thanks he is up, up, and away. Later in the news, accounts of other people like you who were also saved by him start appearing onscreen; people calling him a “savior”. Masses gather with images of idolatry for the one they are referring to as Superman.

As time goes on you see this SUPERMAN save countless lives, while displaying abilities to great to imagine. Here, in your world, in your time. Rumors swirl about this man flying faster than the speed of light, lifting objects of immense size and weight without breaking a sweat, and firing beams of intense heat from his eyes. People around the world start spreading gospel that we are in the presence of a…God?

Next year’s [Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice](tag:711870) will pose these same questions as the world rebuilds after the events of Man of Steel; with the realization that there may be a God on Earth. A man who came from the heavens and gifted with superhuman abilities who saved the planet from an advanced alien race gifted with the same abilities. ONE man with powers so great, he can be considered GOD-like. A GOD people can talk to and touch. People erect statues in his honor; others call him a “False God”. The question of divinity arises. Can you even call it “faith”, since this GOD walks the earth with us?

The topic of super humans being referred to as Gods, or some like Wonder Woman or Marvels Thor who are actually Gods themselves is a sore subject matter to people who are devout in their faith. The bible makes it clear that there is only ONE god and all praise is to him. Yet, there are a small few who will believe that this movie may cross a line between Hollywood and Faith. In talking to some people regarding this topic I was met with some strong resistance as to the imagining of Superman being a “GOD” like being. “Good Christians don’t speak of such things…” a person recently said to me. Then they joked that it was only a movie and we shouldn’t take it too far after I made a strong rebuttal.

Superman movies in the past have had success without bringing up the whole God thing in relation to the Man of Steel; but in modern superhero movies where a bit of realism is appreciated by movie fans we have to explore the question. Would the existence of a SUPERMAN in the real world warrant the designation of a God, not THEE God? I say this with the utmost respect to all faiths; YES we should ask the questions. Although he was raised as Clark Kent, Superman will always be Kal-EL, an alien being from deep in space who descended from the heavens. Although fictional history has always pointed him out as just being an alien with powers, modern movie history this time will portray Superman as way more than that.

He won’t be the only one either. There is a Greek Goddess, princess of the Amazons with powers almost equal to Superman; as well as the King of the Seven Seas who can control all sea life as well as other superhuman abilities. There will be references to GODS ON EARTH when the JLA finally comes to life. Instead of carrying crosses for their faith, some like these men here bowing before Superman will bear the crest of the House of EL as a symbol of their God; Kal-EL. Is this considered a form of blasphemy on behalf of the writers, director, and producers of Batman V Superman? Is Henry Cavil now considered blasphemous for his part? NONSENSE!

Movies have already crossed into this realm in other genres, heck they even retold the story of Christ and his “passion”. The first Blade and the second Underworld movies played with Vampire Gods; as well as the 300 movies with Xerces being the GOD-King. Even Godzilla or Gojira got the same treatment, being both an alpha predator before prehistoric dinosaurs as well as a God of ancient times according to the Japanese. Yet, these franchises don’t carry the love of young kids quite like the Superman/JLA brands do. How many generations have passed that has loved these iconic DC characters? What will happen when children of devout religious families watch Batman V Superman and start talking about Superman being a God in the movie? See where I’m going with this?

Pass the popcorn folks, the stakes with Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice just got a little higher.


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