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Why more Batman Reboots?

Recently normal people (non-comicbook fans) have said DC reboots Batman over and over again because he is a sure hit. While I find that easy to believe, I know it's true. No it's not a safe hero they can reboot every couple of years but it sure could be a huge hit. Some take the risk of killing the legacy of Batman.No matter how bad the acting, Batman & Robin, I love all the Batman movies they have all evolved from corny to dark and serious to emo and even corny again.That was until Christopher Nolan gave us the Batman we deserved and the one we needed right now. But that wasn't the end. Now once again it will be rebooted.

The Batmen
The Batmen

And many non-batfans will ask why another Batman?? We've seen him several times in the last two decades. We need to get beyond batman. We need something new. Not same old batman origins and then gritty old man fighting till the end of time. They would even suggest the words of Heath Ledger's Joker:

We kill The Batman??
We kill The Batman??

The Inevitable

We all know that won't happen. Just like Spiderman got a few reboots of its own and a new one in a few years we need Batman. We need the Dark Knight to rise up over and over again. Why do we fall Bruce? To get back up! So the question is, why do we reboot batman again? To show the world that he is a symbol of never giving up no matter how lame people think it will be this time around. Batman must live on so we can hope again, sorry superman.

The Dark Knight will always Rise.
The Dark Knight will always Rise.

The Solution

What if there were a solution? What if I told you one movie could end it all?? One movie could change the course of batman forever!! (No pun intended)

What if Batman would fight someone who was his equal? No, not the Arkham Knight.

What about Ben Affleck's Batman vs Christian Bale's Batman? Could we see that? Batman vs Batman on the big screen??

Only in this video. But imagine the money they would make if they decided to join the whole DC movie and TV universe all together? Maybe something like this.


Who would win Batfleck or Nolan's Dark Knight?


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