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After watching the 20th episode of Arrow’s third season, “The Fallen”, my fiance looked at me and said, “There’s no way he can stop being Oliver Queen. What’s going to happen?”

I shrugged it off as a rhetorical question. But she kept staring me down and asked again.

“What’s going to happen?”

So I responded.

“I don’t know... but here’s what I want to happen.”

Now, go easy on me here. I know my theory is probably the longest of long shots. And many of you may not agree with what I say here. But let me emphasize, this is what I would like to see happen.

Ok, so we have three episodes to go. Here’s how I would like to see them play out. And I’m only talking about the main story arc surrounding Oliver in the present time, I’m not touching on the flashbacks or the side stories that are sure to keep us up to date on what’s going on with the rest of Team Arrow. Also, I know there is a crossover with The Flash coming, I’m not touching on that either.

I am simply giving a quick rundown on what happens... I’m sorry... what I would like to see happen with Oliver and Ra’s Al Ghul.

So over the next couple of episodes we see Ra’s grooming Oliver, now Al Sah-him, to take over. We start to see Oliver lose himself, he starts to enjoy his work with the league and wants to take over. He’s not completely lost yet, but he’s getting there.

We see Oliver fighting a war within himself. He’s looking for a way out, but also wanting the power. Maseo sees this and wants to help Oliver. After Oliver has done some more work for Ra’s, Maseo tries to tell Oliver that there is a way out. Oliver, now nearly completely lost, is furious that Maseo would betray Ra’s and the league again. He tell Ra’s of the betrayal.

Ra’s calls for Oliver and Maseo. He explains that Oliver has only one more step for his training to be complete and that he is aware of Maseo’s betrayal. He orders Oliver to kill Maseo. Oliver shows some hesitation, but eventually holds his sword to the throat of a kneeling Maseo. As he draws the sword back Maseo says, “Oliver, there is a way... there is a...”

Oliver looks over Maseo’s body, then turns to Ra’s and kneels. Ra’s informs him that he is ready.

“Then, I am Ra’s Al Ghul,” Oliver says.

But the response from Ra’s surprises him.

“Not yet.”

Oliver looks at him, confused.

“I don’t understand. The prophecy says that the man that survives your blade will take your place.”

Ra’s motions for Oliver to stand and walks close to him.

“Yes... but there is another.”

Like I said, the longest of long shots. But if ever there was an opportunity to bring Bruce Wayne into this DC TV universe, this is it. Plus... how awesome would that be!?

I know the title of the season finale is “My Name is Oliver Queen” and that does not bode well for this theory, but it’s not like it had much of a shot anyway. I just think this would be the perfect way to get Oliver out of this situation, bring in Bruce Wayne (who we know exists in this universe thanks to the newspaper from the future in The Flash), and give this season the shocking cliff-hanger ending it needs.... but not the one it deserves.


What do you think of this ending?


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