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Mornings. Some people love them, some people hate them.

Growing up watching Disney movies taught me that Disney Princesses are like us. They have to wake up, they have responsibilities and they can be a pain. However, one important lesson that they taught me is that if you have positive attitude, you can accomplish anything!

With that said, here's a list of tips to help you start off your morning right inspired by Disney Princesses.

1. Get out of bed!

Tiana works more than one job day and night, yet she always manages to have energy to get her work done efficiently. How does she do that? Well, she has a can do attitude! She is determined to always work hard to achieve her life-long dream of opening her own restaurant. She doesn't let sleepiness stop her from reaching her goal, nor should you! Now get out of bed sleepyhead!

2. Take a shower

You're out of bed, awesome! Still half asleep? Go hop in the shower. Taking a morning shower will wake you up making you feeling clean and refreshed. Bonus points to Cinderella for having mice and bird friends to make her mornings easier.

3. Catch up on something that makes you happy

Want to read a chapter in that new book you bought? Want to watch an episode of your favorite television show? Want to listen to that new music playlist? Set your alarm at an early enough time that will give you plenty of time to rest and catch up on things that make you happy. Doing the little things that make you happy first thing in the morning can keep you feeling happy the rest of the day! Rapunzel's got her routine down.

4. Eat a good breakfast

*Honorary Disney Princess*
*Honorary Disney Princess*

We live in such a time-consumed society that we barely have time to follow individual morning routines! Eating a nutritious breakfast can help you and your body start off your morning right. When Mulan woke up late on her first day of training Mushu didn't let her leave without eating a good breakfast.

5. Smile!

Don't forget to smile! Although it can be hard at times, putting a simple smile on your face can change your whole attitude. Having a positive attitude can make a great morning become a great day. The people around you will notice and they'll appreciate it!

Now go out there and make today awesome!


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