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With the direction of the DCCU or mixed reviews on a FREAKING TEASER TRAILER... people are skeptical about Superman's image and character in the DCCU. Many have said that Zack Snyder tarnished Superman as a character and what he stood for. Well, I see potential!

Remember Man of Steel?

This is a symbolic line. Since this is a more realistic approach to the character, it would only be natural if the people of earth would be split between wanting him here or wanting him out. Besides, this happens when it comes to Superman and the rest of the Justice League (JL Animated Series)! Pa Kent and Jor-El were 2 different fathers from 2 different worlds! So Pa Kent said the world wouldn't accept him, but Jor-El...

We have to speak about the TEASER trailer!

Batman Centric?

Yes it is! We have to remember that in order to sell this new Batman well, we needed to see him. This TEASER trailer is basically everyone's view on Superman! This needed to be a convincing representation Bruce Wayne/Batman! Since we have that, now the next trailer can possibly have Superman's view of everyone else.

Distinct Differences!

They are different! People may complain about how they're approaching Superman's character, but it's how he develops! I find it laughable that people hate Superman for being all-powerful and a boy scout, but when MoS drops, people hate him because he wasn't? Read my "Why MoS Would Have Been Hated Anyway!" article for that. I definitely want the next trailer to be Superman centric!

Will they respect Superman?


I'm just going to leave that there. Remember these scenes?

Superman brought into custody
Superman brought into custody

There was a different option that would have been easier than turning himself in, but let's stay on task! Superman turned himself in, well knowing he can break out EASILY!

Superman and Lois Lane talk
Superman and Lois Lane talk

Lois was there because people knew she was investigating Kal-El for quite some time. When Lois and Superman were talking... Superman's demeanor was very humble and calm. This scene felt like his boy scout side was there. Let's not forget this scene!

Superman talks to the general
Superman talks to the general

Superman could rip them to shreds, but he's "not their enemy." What you see here is potential for the character to grow into the core of what makes him Superman!

Jor-El's speech

I'm glad they're touching the mythological part of the character. To be honest, MoS attempted to do that, but it felt as though they were scared to. Regardless, this quote not only pertains to the people of earth, but also the Justice League (which we know)! Superman started something and now the whole world knows.


Uplifting! This was definitely the part where I was probably the most absorbed into the movie.

Superman Can't Save Everyone!

The Day Of The Dead
The Day Of The Dead

Superman is God-like, but he can't save everyone. The tornado scene from MoS should of been Pa Kent suffering a heart attack. Anyway, what's important is Superman can't save everyone, including the dead (well the canon versions at least). It's possible that the scene right above could lead into them asking him to revive someone.

In Conclusion: MoS and the [Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice](tag:711870) trailer that dropped made people worry if Superman will be... Superman! I know one thing they definitely needed to show and that was Ben Affleck's Batman. Superman needs more love in the next trailers. It would be smart if each trailer (at least 2 of them) can tell both sides of the story. Only time will tell, but I think Superman will be the Superman we all know in the future!

What do you think? Leave a comment below!

For some of the pictures, credits to Gal Gadot Wonder Woman and DC Cinematic Universe


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