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Spoilers for Agents of SHIELD s2e18.

If you have been following [Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.](tag:722469), you will know it's currently filled with all the Inhumans awesomeness, but marvel never stops feeding his fans,

At 31:06, Gordon mentions to Jiaying that one of theirs,(since they aren't using the inhuman word now) Ethan has disappeared, who was supposedly left the hideout for a camping trip wasn't there when Gordon teleported to get him back. (yes, he can teleport but in a different manner, he can make quantum bridges such that particles can exist at two points on a plane at the same point, thanks hydra for the knowledge.)

Ethan Edwards could be the reference
Ethan Edwards could be the reference

And here is our ethan, sorry for the blurry photos.

Ok now we don't know anything about Ethan and his powers but yet he is been teased in last three episodes, then I remembered a name Ethan Edwards, who is from a planet called Skrull, the home of shapeshifters which was destroyed by Galactus.

Not going into details, He kept his secrets, came to New York, landed himself a job at the Daily Bugle, and was soon being referred to as their 'new star reporter' by J. Jonah Jameson. Peter Parker was at the Bugle in time to be introduced to Ethan and was then teamed up with him for a feature on Spider-Man after landing himself a new full-time position.

Later he confronted spidey that he knew about his identity and wished to help him, then spidey took his new friend Reed Richards, he did some tests and was known as "Virtue".

Ok this might be just be a theory but since marvel doesn't have rights for FF, they might choose Inhumans to train Ethan and discover his potential instead of Reed Richards and we might see Virtue in Spider Man's debut.


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