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Of late the CW have been very good at releasing extended, high quality trailers for the episodes of Arrow and The Flash to come, which certainly makes these posts a lot easier, as I can get them to you quickly and with good quality screenshots! I Obligatory spoiler buffer as I do in every post...

Which comes in the form of the Coast City sign from last night's episode of The Flash. I vaguely mentioned it in my trailer breakdown for "The Trap," the next episode of Flash, but to clarify here, yes, that's yet another Green Lantern Easter Egg, which they've been laying for age- both Ferris Air and Coast City have been namedropped, but here we see them together.

On the note of The Fallen, I thought it was great- it had some amazing quality moments which I thoroughly enjoyed- it was very much the 'calm before the storm,' and, above all, I was glad to see the "will she/won't she?" dynamic of "Olicity" end. As I've expressed before, I don't mind who Oliver ends up with, but that was really weighing the show down, and I'm glad we'll get to see it on the backburner now, as Marc Guggenheim clarified was a lot of the reason for getting it out of the way this early. I worship Arrow, as you know, but that part of it really drags the show down, if only to cater to a very vocal minority of fans on social media- that said, with them satisfied, it seems we can move on!

Anyway, here's the trailer for Al-Sah-Him. (That will never get easy to type).

What does Al-Sah-Him mean?

If you missed Ra's' little bit of dialogue in this latest episode, Al-Sah-Him is Arabic for "The Arrow." It's his League name, just as Sarab is Maseo's, meaning Phantom, or Al Saher is Malcolm's, meaning The Magician. Oliver also referred to himself as "warith al Ghul" in The Fallen, meaning "Heir to the Demon" in Arabic. I thought that touch with Oliver's brand being this season's Arrow logo was a very nice touch at explaining where the change came from.

Oliver has a new look!

Black gear, shaved head, glare- dark Oliver.
Black gear, shaved head, glare- dark Oliver.

The last minute of last night's Arrow was amazing, seeing Oliver suit up in his League attire. He looked completely awesome. You can see the Arrow branding on him, and he's also very much like the Dark Archer in his costume (which is, of course, a League uniform). Looks so cool.

"I said just a little off the top!"
"I said just a little off the top!"

That's not the only change, though. Perhaps I'm over-reading, but Amell shaved his noggin just before for this episode, I remember seeing from set photos, and it's pretty clear in the trailer. Oliver's hair normally is short, but Al-Sah-Him sports a very short shaved head which Oliver Queen has never had. Perhaps the writers asked him to do it to call back to a very militaristic, basic training style of character who's become Ra's' soldier, or maybe Amell's barber's clippers slipped and left him with a lot less hair than usual. Who knows?

"Oliver Queen is dead."

No, his hair's just shorter.
No, his hair's just shorter.

We heard this line in the most recent episode and we will hear it again- there's a reason this season's theme has been identity, and its finale will be called "My name is Oliver Queen." That said, for now, as you can see, Oliver Queen is very much gone- replaced by Al-Sah-Him. Is he gone for good, though? No, of course not. I'd also like to point out that what this means is that the writers can really deconstruct his character here and peel him back, potentially leaving us with a familiar face (personality, rather) who we've been building up to from day one...

Witty, humbled Green Arrow!
Witty, humbled Green Arrow!

...but that's just food for thought and speculation. Felicity's assumption that he may or may not be under some "League mind voodoo" may hold some stock, but we'll have to wait and see the route they take.

Nyssa-centric episode!

Not sure where this scene takes place.
Not sure where this scene takes place.

We've been building up to this for a while. The description for this episode makes it pretty clear this episode is primarily focused on Oliver's training, and Nyssa al Ghul. This could never be a bad thing, thanks to the amazing Katrina Law. Also expect Laurel, who's been a bit absent these past few episodes (forgiven, given her amazing scenes with Cisco on The Flash) to step up a bit. It's late in the season to stop flashbacks, but Episode 20 of Season 2, Seeing Red, did it last year, so Nyssa flashbacks aren't impossible- but I'd say they're unlikely.

This episode looks to have some amazing directing.

An odd point, as I normally focus on story, but a few of the shots in this trailer like the sparks as the swords collide in fire-lit darkness or the shot of Diggle kneeling before Ra's and Oliver at the end were excellent. It's only fair to give credit where it's due to every aspect of the show.

Is Felicity pregnant? What about the Foundry?

No. I could really just leave it at that, even though the fan theory is exploding, but I ought to clarify that Marc Guggenheim as openly said Felicity, safety, when engaging in such activity. Let's keep it PG, guys! As to the Foundry, it's well and truly out of commission now. I'm not sure where the temporary Team Arrow will house themselves.

Yes, temporary Team Arrow- with Roy gone and Oliver gone, and with Merlyn having no self-propelling reason to work with them anymore, this is Team Arrow for now, as Nyssa forges an uneasy alliance with them.

Ra's is a...good guy? Not exactly.

Not exactly. I do love how this season's main antagonist has defied just the clear boundaries of morality and really isn't such a clear cut villain, more just an enormous force to be reckoned with who has some serious villainy thrown in. We saw a glimpse in The Offer of how Ra's treats his students- with respect and kindness. Expect him to do the same to Oliver.

Will Oliver be forced to kill Diggle?

That's sure what it looks like! I don't see Diggle dying- we know his story is extremely likely to be expanded on in season four, and we've already seen a cast member depart. It'll be interesting to see how Oliver gets out of this one.


Quadruple the range of Sara's...
Quadruple the range of Sara's...

I saved the best until last, of course! If you watched this week's The Flash, titled Who is Harrison Wells, Captain Lance and Joe West ("Lance and West" must be the next cop show) teamed up, but so did Cisco and Laurel, for what was one of the funniest things on either show. What came out of it, though, was a long time part of Black Canary in the comics, and something fans have rejoiced over. Named, of course, by Cisco, we got the Canary Cry.

...and triple the power.
...and triple the power.

I had my doubts of how it'd look, but they went full comic style, and it actually looks and sounds fantastic. I approve. Well done to Katie Cassidy and to the VFX/SFX guys who put this together!

Much like The Flash's trailer, thankfully this one really doesn't give much away, but it left me with plenty to break down. If you want to see The Flash's The Trap trailer breakdown, feel free to check that out, or, if you're a fan of DC in general, a Batman VS Superman one. Other than that, we have to wait for next week, but thank Grodd we have no breaks anymore! All the way to the finale!


What was your favourite part of the trailer?


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