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One of the most famous origin stories in the Batman mythos is the story of how Harleen Quinzel met the Joker and subsequently fell in love with him to become the much beloved character Harley Quinn that we all know today

Now, tell me if this sounds familiar:

A blonde pychiatrist hopeful meets a man with a checkered past. She is intelligent, and doesn't take lip from anyone, and decides to try to treat him. She becomes his confidante, and while others try to tell her that he is psychotic and a killer, she wants to see the good in him. He has a dark past, and eventually ends up telling him about his father who abused him, leaving her in tears and shock at the story.

She starts to question her own morals and becomes an ally while everyone else tells her that she is crazy or that he could hurt her.

Are we still talking about Harley Quinn and the Joker?

On the CW show, The Originals, there is the character of Klaus Mikaelson, known for being a psychopath, murderer, and someone who cares very little about the people around him, including his own siblings. The character, Cami, is someone who becomes an unofficial therapist to the characters on the show, most notably Klaus. While she is someone who has strong morals and doesn't trust men in general, she is rendered helpless in her emotions towards Klaus, bending her own morals, even at the sake of her own family. She sides with him when others turn their back, and even saves him from death when his father attacks both of them.

In the show, she is still a human while he is very much a hybrid, cross between a vampire and a werewolf. I worry that if she were to be near death, because on some level he appears to care for her, he will give her his blood and make her become a vampire. Most likely if that were to happen, because she already feels so strongly about him, she will become sired to him, which means that, like Harley Quinn ended up doing, she will follow Klaus completely and blindly, doing whatever he wishes.

This was even more set in my mind once she posted this pic of behind the scenes on set on her instagram:

The pairing of Klaus and Cami share many of the same traits and story ideas as the storyline of Mad Love does, and makes me wonder if, possibly, the writers took ideas from that storyline and put them towards the two characters. After all, Cami does have the fear of the possibility that he could hurt her over her head. He has indicated that he might, while never actually really hurting her. And she is the only character on the show who has never judged him or betrayed him and has always stayed by his side.

Just like Harley always does with her Mr. J.

This may be just a shot in the dark, but I think some of The Originals writers might be secret Batman fans

Only time will tell how this story will play out

Klaus & Cami as our favorite mad couple
Klaus & Cami as our favorite mad couple


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