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I'm so excited to see the [Captain America: Civil War](tag:994409) movie. I guess the hole world is, and it will be a HUGE movie, it will change the MCU forever. But if they want to do it right, they must do it, even if just a little bit, like the comics. So many heroes appeared in this story and even though many can't appear because, some marvel characters are sony, others are from 20th century fox and... that's a buzz kill, really. But forgetting that many marvels heroes are not marvels right now, let's make a list of who would be awesome on this movie.

Ps: i think they should make a movie called Civil War, and not put it in the Captain America saga, but what can we do right? And i think that this movie would be great to start a Hulk saga, it could be a trilogy, wich most men now as

World War Hulk


Now let's start our list of those who should appear in Civil War.


It would be great to intruduce her to the MCU in this movie.

The Fantastic Four

This one i find it hard to believe in because they just started a new franchise and theyr not marvels. Sad, right?

If we can't have fantastic four we wont either have...


It would be the best thing in the world to see spidey anoying Logan on screen... and it would be very lucrative for 20th century fox and marvel.


Let's hope he appears out of the avengers, cuz he would be necessary by both sides, right?


Even though i didn't like the costume, the show was GREAT and it could intruduce him to the MCU, even though we already know he is there.

Because, why not? Ants need to join the fight!!


If Ant Man is here so is Wasp.


I bet he would choose Caps side right?


He was in Civil War in the comics, noticed him? And Spidey get's his black swit back after the civil war so it would be just right. But marvel might have diferent plans for him in the Spidey new franchise, who knows?

Miss Marvel

WE NEED HER IN THE MCU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Cloack and Dagger

I love this two. And they saved Spidey's life in Total Carnage, if you remember.

Black Panther

Would be the perfect time to intruduce him, since he is related to Avengers: Age of Ultron already and has his own movie coming out in a few years.

Luke Cage

Hes about to have his own show, and then The Defenders, with daredevil and...

A.K.A Jessica Jones


Iron Fist

They already talked about him in the Daredevil show. Quite a good easter egg that scene. No spoilers ahah

Well i could go on all day, but there's no time, the war is coming. So i hope you liked it, and who did i forget? I didn't mention some heroes, because they are already going to appear. Hope you liked it.


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