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Ok so entry - I gThe Fantasty/ Sci-Fi fan.

You don't just love the fantasy world, you LIVE there. Your imagination is your greatest strength, and you're going to need it in your quest to write a post about an animated series, movie or character of your choice. Anything goes, just get animated! HOT TOPICS: Pixar's 'Inside Out', Fan Art, 90's cartoon nostalgia, How To Train Your Dragon 3, Dragon Ball Z

I love watching a great TV show and I will watch pretty much anything - except for zombie shows - they scare the bejeebus out of me - I am a BIG wuss and get nightmares - serious here, I am 33 years of age and zombies seriously freak me out - that and Dinosaurs.

Anyways... I love sitting down with friends and family for our favorite shows - whether Game of Thrones, The Flash, Once Upon a Time, Haven, Eureka, Star Trek (all versions), Dr Who, Stargate, etc etc etc.

But what is it about Television that draws us in? What is... the Power of Television?

In my very humble opinion... Television is magic - because it can bring to life and create a tangible visual object, for the ideas in our heads.

We all have that one book series or comic book series that we love and discuss non stop with our friends - Harry Potter, Superman, X-Men to name but a few - and we all LOVE when it is turned into a movie or series of movies. However, whilst a movie does everything I mentioned above - it has a limited amount of time available to them - on average 2.5 hours. Whereas Television has the capacity to take that book and turn it into a full series of "mini movies" that enable much more of the book to be brought to life. This also generally means less changes between the page and screen.

We have seen an amazing journey with Television over the last 100 odd years. 1900-2015 have seen some of the most insane leaps in technology and WE the people beg for more and more. Television technology has grown to the point of full HD visuals, surround sound and 3D.

Sharing drama, intrigue, cooking, sport, comedy and action with your loved ones is a great way to share our cultures, ideas, beliefs and also has the power to change the way people behave.

Television brings the news, the weather, comedy and drama, action and sports to everyone. Whether you watch it online (Netflix) or on your actual television, it is something that everyone around the world has in common. If I had one wish, it would be that the answer to What is the Power of Television? would be "Peace and Prosperity and Freedom. That it can bring everyone together and remove the hate".

We watch these Utopian societies in our Sci-Fi shows and we all say "Wow, that looks like a pretty nice way to be" and yet we do not attempt to change. We watch post-apocalyptic trying to rebuild the world shows and all go "No we will never be like that" but we are on track to do so.

I hope we can bring it all together and in the words of the Wise - Live Long and Prosper.


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