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Sony pictures announced some time ago that they were adapting the sci-fi/dystopian novel "the Fifth wave" into a new young adult film series.The fifth wave takes place in a world that has been devastated and damaged by four brutal waves of alien invasions, the story focuses on a young girl named Cassie sullivan who is trying to save her little brother before the fifth wave is allowed to commence, along the way she encounters a mysterious boy who may be a friend or a potential foe.

Peter Parker???( just kidding). Toby maguire is part of the production team that will be producing the film so it looks like the amazing spider-man isn't just a photographer anymore. This definitely has an interesting team behind it and it could just be the next big young adult film series if this first movie does well.There hasn't been alot of info on this film lately but it has a cast and a director already and all of which are revealed below.

Chloe mortez is playing the title character of the film who is searching for her brother before a massive alien invasion force mobilizes and attacks.

Nick robinson will play the mysterious Ben parish, Cassie encounters him when she goes to search for her little brother.

Tony Revolori will play a character named Dumbo, the exact role his character will play in the film is unclear.

Maika Monroe( It follows) will be playing Ringer in the film. guess we can add this as another sci-fi film on her resume since she will also appear in independence day 2. perhaps she will become a sci-fi star?

Ron Livingston will play Cassie's father Oliver Sullivan in the film. it's not clear how big his role will be.

Talitha Bateman will star in the film as Teacup. it is not clear how significant her role will be.

Liev schreiber will play Colonel Vosch who is said to be the villain in the film, how this will factor into the movie is not yet clear.

Alex Roe will be playing Evan walker in the film, his role is also unclear and isn't all that known.

Maggie Siff will play Cassie's mom Lisa Sullivan in the film, the importance and scope of the role is not all that clear.

Zackary Arthur plays cassie's little brother Sam, his role might be important in some way since he is who Cassie is trying to seek out.

The fifth wave is scheduled to be released on January 15, 2016 and is directed by J Blakeson and written by Susannah Grant.


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