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As if there aren't enough easter eggs and little hints towards their own movies in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, Marvel overlord Kevin Feige has recently spoken out about how Phase Two of the MCU is one big ol' hat tip to George Lucas' legendary Star Wars franchise.

If you haven't noticed already, in nearly every Star Wars movie, some poor soul manages to get a limb liberated from their body. Whether it's Luke, Anakin/Darth Vader (he's quite unlucky) or Mace Windu, body parts have and will be shed. The same goes for Phase Two of the MCU! In every film released so far, someone (or thing) ends up missing an arm or a leg. I sure as hell didn't put these together!

Gutted, dude.
Gutted, dude.

You may be thinking "LEAVE ME BE, DEMON! PURVEYOR OF FAN THEORY NONSENSE", but every film in Phase Two of the MCU has a dismemberment! It's totally legit as Feige revealed in conversation with Cinema Blend:

So is this a spoiler for Ant-Man… not really. I’m obsessed with Star Wars. Who’s not? I’m 40 years old. I’m in the movie business. I went to USC. So I’m obsessed with Star Wars - and it didn’t start out as intentional, but it became intentional, including that beat that you referenced.
It sort of happens in every Star Wars movie, but I was sort of looking at it, ‘Okay, is Phase Two our Empire Strikes Back?’ Not really, but tonally things are a little different. Somebody gets their arm cut off in every Phase Two movie. Every single one.

Alright, just 'cause I'm such a fan of gifs, let's have a recount of all the heroes and villains that became a little bit lighter during their stints in the MCU:

Killian (Iron Man 3)

Cheeky little deus ex machina here, Stark. Why, oh why didn't Tony just use the blade throughout the duration of the entire battle against the Extremis goons?

Thor (Thor: The Dark World)

Shocking. When I first saw this scene, the amount of swear words that flew out of my mouth in Loki's direction was obscene. A brilliant little twist this.

Groot (Guardians of the Galaxy)

I loved this battle, due to the parallel between Gamora's insane maiming ability, and the look on Groot's face is totally "why are you doing this?!" You can't kill a sentient tree with a mere sword.

Bucky (Captain America: The Winter Soldier)

After he falls from the train and is "rescued" by HYDRA. The trip literally cost him and arm or a leg! Yeah, well crap joke. Sorry.

Phase Two isn't quite over just yet, we've yet to behold the glories of Age of Ultron and see what tricks Ant-Man has up his teeny-tiny sleeves. Something good hopefully. But who in the MCU do you bet is set to become light a limb or two or three?

Who do you think?

(Source: Cinema Blend)


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