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Would've done this in the review format but it's so damn buggy, won't let me edit the text. It's impossibru! I will do a spoiler review some time in the future, as well as pointing out some easter eggs.

To put it simply, this film is amazing! Won't get into why it's amazing just yet. What happened in this film was unexpected. Then again, I was expecting it to be unexpected, so technically it was what I expected.

I would have to say the best part of the film was the dialogue. I'm not just saying the dialogue was great, it was Pulp Fiction level dialogue. It just felt so real, everything they said felt like stuff me and my friends would say to each other. I won't go too much into it, but it's just superb dialogue.

This film is not as dark as you'd think, it does have some dark moments but overall, it's quite light-hearted. I wouldn't exactly call the film family friendly but if you bring your kids to this, be weary and listen to the almighty being, YOLO. That is all.

Just like the first instalment, the team dynamic is handled really well. I can't tell you who the main protagonist of the film was because everyone all got a decent slice of the Age Of Ultron cake. I'd still say Hawkeye is the undermined character in the Avengers but you can definitely appreciate a significant increase in screen time. Hawkeye fans, you shouldn't be disappointed.

There is a lot of stuff going on in this film and yet, I can't say it felt over bearing like Spiderman 3. I can't quite put my finger on it but the multiple plot lines is handled quite well. Everything feels neatly blended together.

Now for the big bad, Ultron. Now I don't want to rustle any feathers here but I'm going to say that he is a better villain than Loki. I'll try to stop myself from going to deep. Let's just say, he is ironically the most human villain in the MCU. He is intimidating, funny and relatable. Also, great CGI! I had my mind blown everytime I saw his face move.

The twins are quite fun. The special effects for their powers are done well and also a integrated well into the story. After several minutes, I got used to their Eastern European accents and felt at ease watching them in action.

Vision. I promise my discussion about him will merely be a toe dip into the water. He is something else, you are definitely in for a treat. All around a very entertaining addition to the story.

A lot of loose ends got tied by the end of it and my paranoia for ditching the plot points from the other Phase 2 films have been put at ease. It has a fairly consistent continuity and there are a few nods to characters who didn't have the time to show up in the film.

The best film in the MCU is currently The Winter Soldier. Is this better? I will say this film has everything The Winter Solider and a lot more. It has more wow factor and I have to say Ultron is more entertaining than Alexander Pierce.

Don't take your viewing too seriously and you should have a whale of a time in this epic blockbuster. Get ready for two and a half hours of fun and remember, there are no strings on me!


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