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With all the hubbub surrounding the imminent release of Avengers: Age of Ultron, the build-up to one of the year's biggest stories has actually, somehow, largely dropped off the radar.

After all, in the next month or so, we're going to have a new Spider-Man, and that's... kind of a big deal.

More intriguingly, though, perhaps? We might just already know who'll be playing him - or, at least, who the options are. The Wrap are reporting that Marvel and Sony - who'll both be working with the actor - have whittled down their initial list of possible candidates to a shortlist of five.

The final possible Peter Parkers will, apparently, soon be invited to screen-test for the role, with final casting expected in around two to three weeks time.

So, then:

Let's Take a Look at Our Potential Spider-Men

Sorry, didn't make the cut this time.
Sorry, didn't make the cut this time.

According to The Wrap, then - though with the added condition that they believe there may be other candidates who're being kept under wraps - our five contenders are:

Nat Wolff

Surely one of the favorites for the role, having spent the past few years turning early fame in The Naked Brother Band into critical acclaim for his work in Stuck in Love and Palo Alto, and a whole lot of box office success with The Fault in Our Stars, Wolff is both a talented and experienced actor... and possibly a little old for the part, already being 20. After all, Marvel and Sony seem set to skew young with their new Spidey, and Wolff could start looking like a grown-ass adult any day now.

Asa Butterfield

A younger - though arguably even more experienced - option would be Asa Butterfield, who first rose to prominence in The Boy in the Striped Pyjamas, before proving his acting chops in Martin Scorsese's Hugo, and his action mettle in Ender's Game. Arguably the most proven option, despite being only 18, Butterfield could well be the safest bet. Plus, he's already pretty much got the gawky Peter Parker-style awkwardness down.

Tom Holland

Less experienced, perhaps - though still with several films, including The Impossible, under his belt - Tom Holland likely earns his place not only for his acting ability (which is substantial) but also for his distinctly youthful appearance. Also, since both her and Butterworth are British, it sort of seems as though Sony and Marvel may be leaning towards another non-American Spider-Man, to follow in Andrew Garfield's footsteps.

Timothée Chalamet

Another (theoretically) less experienced option, Chalamet has nonetheless earned his place with sterling work in both Interstellar on the big screen, and Homeland on television. The other candidates seem to suggest that Sony and Marvel are leaning in a more obviously awkward seeming direction than Chalamet - but the fact that he was born and raised in New York City surely can't hurt his cause.

Liam James

The final actor reportedly under serious consideration, James has a whole lot of TV experience from years working on Psych and The Killing - but its surely his striking (and award winning) performance in The Way, Way Back that's earned him his place as a possible Peter Parker. He may not be the most Spidey-looking of choices, but he'd certainly make for a fine addition to the MCU.

In the end, though, the choice is ultimately going to fall to Sony and Marvel, with the possibility of a change of creative direction giving the likes of Dylan O'Brien and Logan Lerman a shot (which I, for one, would actually be totally okay with) still very much alive.

What do you think, though?


Who should play our new Spidey?



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