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As 2016 edges ever closer, so too does Marvel's cinematic re-imagining of one of my favorite superheroes ever: Deadpool! As fans grow restless, the only logical cause of action to stave off Deadpool-related cravings is, quite obviously, to dress up as the superhero himself.

However, these following cosplayers aren't your run-of-the-mill fans - they've gone the extra mile to make their ensemble stand out, be it through costumed franchise crossovers or inexplicable furry cowboy hats. Enjoy!

1. Dead Sexy

Just LOOK at that hair! Is it bad that I have a strong urge to whip out a pair of scissors?

[Naredo Cosplay]

2. Dead Cool Deadpool

How do I become this man?

[James Ryan]

3. Deadpool Pool Party

The stunning attention to detail here is staggering!


4. Maid You Look

It's Deadpool meets Downton Abbey.

5. Deadpool Let's It Go

I've gotta say - this particular franchise crossover has never once crossed my mind...but it's starting to grow on me.

[Pat Loika]

6. Sailor Deadpool

I don't even know where to begin with this one, but I love it!

[Martin Siggers]

7. Steam-Pool Dead-Punk

How awesome would Victorian-era Deadpool be?!

[Nate Buchman]

8. Harleypool

I wonder how Batz would fare against this hybrid.

[Geri Kramer]


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