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It goes without saying, SPOILERS AHEAD! This is your chance to leave, otherwise, welcome to the spoiler to discussion where I talk about what I liked and didn't like about the plot. Let's a go!

Throughout the film, there is a running gag where the Avengers mock Captain America for shunning Tony when he swore. This came out of nowhere and I must say, I loved it! This is the sort of humour that should be in the MCU.

Black Widow has "lullaby" for the Hulk so he can turn back into Bruce Banner. It is a wee bit awkward but it's presence in the film is minimal enough for me to get over it. as for Widow and Hulk's relationship, it is very interesting. We didn't see it come full circle but I think the two left on a good note by the end of the film.

The Hulkbuster fight felt too early to come in. It was a decent fight and I loved the part where Tony tried to get Hulk to fall asleep by punching him in the face over and over again. Tony felt too chill about this fight but we can always use a bit of light-heartedness.

Black Widow's hallucination felt short lived and I hoped for a bit more. Some of the stuff felt already known but it did add to her character. I'm hoping to see more of the Red Room in the future.

Thor's celestial sub-plot is a bit out of place with the rest of the film but for some reason, it seemed totally fine. Thor had a hallucination from Scarlet Witch and saw what looked like Ragnarok, the asgardian apocalypse. He is confronted by a white eyed, black armoured Heimdall who blames Thor for killing every one.

Thor found out about the Infinity Stones although I feel like Sif should have told him about it already. Loki's scepter has been confirmed as the Mind Stone so yay! Only two more to go.

Andy Serkis decides to take of motion capture and become Black Panther's nemesis, Ulysses Klaw. He's accent and general demeanour makes him a very entertaining character. What a great fear, Cuttlefish. Even though he was only in one scene, he is setting up much bigger things for the future.

Ultron has Chitauri origins with a mix of Tony's own tech. Quite chilling when he murdered JARVIS. We got to see Ultron as more than just AI, he had free will. He put himself in the robot bodies that HYDRA had either found or built and got himself an army out of HYDRA tech instead of the Iron Legion.

Ultron's plan was to imitate the death of dinosaurs by installing a vibranium drill into Sokovia and lifting up into the sky where he drops it and plummits into the Earth, creating a shockwave that leaves the human race extinct. He would also leave Vision as his legacy to lead the new race of living beings on Earth.

A lot of people complain that there wasn't enough explanation to Ultron's motivations. I think they're just looking at it wrong. Ultron isn't human, he is another being who sees the human race as a threat. His role is as a peacekeeper where he gave a very specific definition of peace.

The human race was responsible for wars and cataclysmic weapons and saw the only way to save the world was by destroying it's biggest threat, us. People might find it tough to relate because we're the enemy to him but I was fine with it.

Ultron used Dr Cho's regeneration device and an abundant amount of vibranium supplied from Klaw to create Vision. The Avengers managed to kidnap Vision before he could be turned on and Tony had the crazy idea of starting up Vision using JARVIS who was revealed to have survived (seriously, does death mean anything?) Banner knew it was crazy but Tony convinced him and they went about setting up Vision.

Logically, the rest of the Avengers knew how stupid this was. There was quite the fight until Thor came in and started up Vision, seeing from his vision (hence the name) that he would do good.

There is a beautiful shot of Vision looking out The Avengers Tower window. The design of him felt both robotic and human and he definitely is a sight to behold. He very much was the good version of Ultron, much like Batman and The Joker. Perhaps the best moment in the film, Vision picks up Mjolnir and hands it to Thor as the rest of the Avengers look on with their jaws dropped. Vision is just so pure that he is worthy of the power of Mjolnir which is cool.

What was one of the biggest surprises in the film was Baron Strucker's death. Ultron killed him to send a message to the Avengers while he was trapped in a prison cell. It was a nice twist and I'm not too bothered by his death. We have Baron Zemo to look forward to and fingers crossed for MODOK.

Ultron, even being so sophisticated, is imperfect. He forgets the world child and cries out "for god's sake" when Hulk invades the Quinjet that Ultron had just hijacked. This imperfection is what makes the character so much more interesting. He is full of hate, fear, spite, everything we feel that most movie villains typically don't have. I love it when Ultron lost it after Klaw thought he was working for Tony.

So who kicked the bucket at the end? I honestly guessed it way before this film came out, Quicksilver. He sacrificed himself to save Hawkeye who was rescuing a kid from Ultron who was using the Quinjet's firepower. I'm disappointed that a more major character didn't die but I feel like this will give Scarlet Witch some much deserved character development.

After Vision removed all traces of Ultron and Tony and Thor blew up Sokovia while the rest of the Avengers vacated the civilians, everything seemed strangely at peace considering we're going to see everyone hating each other in Civil War. Hulk is probably at the worst terms with him flying off to nowhere in a Quinjet. Perhaps the Hulk in the Guardians Of The Galaxy rumour was true. Ambiguity is a little frustrating but I feel there will be a good pay-off.

The big three have a heartfelt goodbye as Tony rides off into the sunset, Thor returns to Asgard to investigate the infinity stones fiasco and Captain America teams up with Black Widow to train the New Avengers! Also Hawkeye leaves for paternity leave with his recently revealed wife and kids.

The New Avengers consist of War Machine, Vision, a sleek Scarlet Witch and Falcon with his iconic red and white motif. I was sort of hoping for some new faces but it's a start. Apart from Tony and Cap's good terms, this looks a little like Civil War.

I am a little bugged by the lack of conflict between Tony and Cap. I imagine that Kevin Fiege would have considered it a high priority. I was hoping for AOU to directly lead into Civil War but it looks like that isn't the case. It is likely that AOU will have some effect on Civil War.

Joss Whedon made a big boo-boo with this post-credits because there was none! There was a mid-credits scene but isn't it common sense if you only have one scene you put it at the end of the credits? This is the first film without a post-credits scene all because Joss didn't have a little common sense.

As for the mid-credits scene itself, it was actually quite good. Short but well done. The scene has Thanos retrieving the Infinity Gauntlet and saying "Fine, I'll do it myself." I'm sure everyone's been wondering why Thanos has been hiring people, considering Ronan's betrayal in GOTG. This scene feels a little out of place with the rest of the film but it's nice to see an end scene that had something actually happening instead of having a joke or teasing a future film.

This had perhaps the funniest Stan Lee cameo. At the party in the Avengers Tower, Thor prepares himself and Cap a several thousand year old, Asgardian alcoholic drink. Stan Lee decided to have a drink despite Thor's warnings and had to be dragged by a few people as he drunkingly mumbled "excelsior." I like to see Stan Lee have more than one line so keep up the good work.

While I was happy with most of the plot, there were a few decisions that bugged me. Was it so hard to have the mid-credits scene as post-credits scene? Certain things bug me but I really hate it when you have something so simple to fix blatantly ruin something. Did it ruin things? Maybe I just hate change and want the film to stick to the MCU formula but that's how I feel and I'm sticking by it.

Do you have a favourite moment and a least favourite moment? Who was your favourite character? Do you think Ultron is the best villain in the MCU? Do you believe that Avengers: Age Of Ultron is one of the MCU's best films? Tell me below!


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