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Even though the fantastic animated TV series Powerpuff Girls may have ended in 2005 after a huge seven year run, it still remains deeply ingrained in pop culture 10 years later. Despite not having watched an episode in many years, I still know the theme song by heart:

The popularity of Blossom, Bubbles and Buttercup is constantly shown in the amazing types of fan art that are frequently drawn, and they also remain a staple for cosplayers world wide - after all, who wouldn't want to dress up as three sweet little girls who are also ass-kicking crime fighters on the side? I know I would!

Take a look at some of the most amazing Powerpuff Girls cosplay that were recently featured over on DeviantArt:

Professor Utonium and the Powerpuff Girls ready for action

Source: DuysPhotoShoots
Source: DuysPhotoShoots

This photoshoot shown on DuysPhotoShoots DeviantArt page is awesome! This photo and the one below have come from the same session, and holy crap the girls (and the Professor) look like they will seriously kick some butt!

Powerpuff girls armed and ready!

Source: DuysPhotoShoots
Source: DuysPhotoShoots

See what I mean? Mojo Jojo better watch his back!

Powerpuff Girls go back to their cute roots

by laurabububun
by laurabububun

This cosplaying trio, found on laurabububun's profile have definitely opted for a sweeter approach to the girls, going back to their cute, animated roots. I love their hair styles and shoes, but I also have no doubt those fists mean business!

Powerpuff Girls show their skills!

This shoot by OxfordCommaCosplay shows the girls doing what they do best: foiling Mojo Jojo and his dastardly plans!

Powerpuff Girls Z looking bad-ass!

Check out these amazing costumes by fiery-dragon! This is actually based on the Japanese animation show Powerpuff Girls Z which was a Japanese show based on the American show! The more you know!

Buttercup is ready for battle!

This sassy Buttercup by ThelemaTherion looks ready to whoop some butt with or without her two sisters!

Mojo Jojo looking ready to crush the Powerpuff Girls!

This Mojo Jojo by lyli1 looks like he has the world in the palm of his hand, the trouble is holding on to it with the Powerpuff Girls around!

Professor Utonium has a breakthrough

This photo (taken by EriTesPhoto) is so cool! Just because you don't have three Powerpuff Girls ready to dress up, doesn't mean you still can't totally own a Professor Utonium cosplay with a little quick thinking.

Powerpuff Girls fighting crime!

This supercute cosplay by MAJCosplay shows the cosplayers managing to look almost animated, I love the enthusiasm!

The Powerpuff Girls

This one comes from Supanova in Melbourne and they all look like a very happy family, however Blossom (cosplayed by mishellyArt) did mention that Blossom's bow wouldn't stay upright...I guess it's not all sugar and spice being a Powerpuff Girl!

Mojo Jojo planning his revenge!

This amazing photo of Big Chris cosplaying as Mojo Jojo was snapped by lost-capella at Kumoricon way back in 2008, I can only hope he's still cosplaying in this costume because it is fantastic!

source: DeviantArt


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